No announcement yet. wife appears to have IC...wanted to say Hello!

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    First of all, I want to say congratulations on your new marriage! I also want to join in the chorus praising you for your care and support of your wife. You've really done something special by taking a proactive approach. Even the best of friends and family often just don't know how to do that though they almost always mean well. Kudos to you, Joe! While I would never hope your wife has IC, at least if she does, then you've got a name for her condition, and various course of treatments to pursue -and you've got this place. It's a life-saver for sure.


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      Hello! I saw Dr. Hanno in February for a second opinion, and he basically believed I have IC based on my symptoms only. But I went to him with all of my records from my previous urologist. The records included my cystoscopy/hydrodistention/biopsy. He is a good doctor, but I live an hour from him, and I don't quite know if I will switch yet from my previous urologist. But he did tell me that he makes his diagnoses based on symptoms, so I don't know if he will do a cystoscopy, since he says people with normal results can still have IC, so he makes his diagnoses on symptoms alone. I'm not sure how much I can say about him, because of the rules of posting here. But it's all good!


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        I think you are an awesome guy! It takes a wonderful husband to help and be supportive. My husband got mad for about several years before and after my diagnosis. Then one day he started to read the book the Ic survival guide I had purchases and He became the most wonder understanding man on the planet. I am so happy that your wife has you! this site is here for support don't forget that . These are awesome people that you get to talk too so I hope no matter what you find out you find an answer. Good luck and GOD Bless!


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          It means so much


          Being someone with chronic health problems is tough, and being the one loving them is tough. Support and understanding go sooooo far...
          Thanks for your interest, and hope you guys find an answer soon!
          IC -February 2007
          PCOS - August 2005
          Asthma and Allergies - 2003
          Depression - 1997
          Scoliosis/Sciatica/arthritis - 1997
          Hip Replacement -2001
          Possible IBS -2006

          Current IC meds:
          Elmiron, 100mg 3x's a day

          Other Meds:
          Metformin 850 mg/2x a day
          Singulair 10 mg/1x a day
          Albuterol and Advair
          Femara (infertility)


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            good for u

            a support network when you have IC is one of the important things you can have. I had none of that except for some true blue girlfriends I was pretty much rejected by family and boyfriend. Then along came this site and everything changed. I have been in remission now for 7 years and am back to work. I hear Dr. Hanno is very good so you are in good hands. good luck.


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              What A Super Guy

              Joe, Just wanted to say, you are a super guy for supporting your wife as you are, we simply just need someone to believe in us, and you are right there. My love of my life and I were married April 04 and July 04, We received a dx of IC. When I was dx'ed, My husband said, BABY, THIS IS OUR DISEASE AND WE'LL GET THROUGH IT. And he has kept his word. THAT has been the best thing that he could of ever said to me. He tells me sometimes he just feels so helpless, and he holds me when I'm hurting and confused. It hasn't been easy, there are many treatments out there. I'm praying you and your wife will find a combination that works for her. We're here for you both!!

              God Bless you both

              Serenity isn't freedom from the's peace within the storm.....I had my sick bladder removed Jan 7th 2010.....Even though I had many complications.......I would do it again in a moment.....I have no regrets......Sunflowers in memory of my sister who passed March 14th 2010......they were her favorite....