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Do any of you have Psoas Muscle Spasm?

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  • Do any of you have Psoas Muscle Spasm?

    Just wondered if any one else had this too. This is one of my main problems resulting in pelvic pain.

    Are you in physical therapy for it?

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    I have to caution you that I think when you do physcial therapy for spasms they often lean in the direction of strengthening rather than relaxation which can be hard for PFD patients....I have responded to other ways of treating my spasms so when did physcial therapy that wasn't what we focused on but from my research that is what I have read so just don't forget muscle relaxation when you do it! Good luck!
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    IC Volunteers are not medical authorities nor do we offer medical advice. In all cases, we strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.
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      hello there!

      I'm not sure I I have that particular spasm, But I have shown on various tests that my muscles are frequently going through spasms, ultimately creating intense pain. From my neck, head, spine and throughout! They can actually see the inflammation! So even though I don't know what that one is, I suppose I qualify for this question. haha.
      I have not found much to help except for stretching, yoga, meditation and a combo of both. Wishing you all the best!!!!!
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        I do have left-side psoas spasm, and have for many years. When I had traditional physical therapy for it, it worsened the situation because, as Katrina says, they pushed me too hard and too fast towards strengthening, when what I need is relaxation.

        Unfortunately, it has never completely gone away, but here are the things that help me:

        1. heat
        2. general muscle relaxant
        3. gentle massage. I usually do it myself because I am the one who knows where to press, where to rub, how hard is too hard, etc. The massage includes some "pulling" motions, sort of trying to rub outward from the locus of the spasm.
        4. stretching. You must be very careful with stretching, because a muscle in spasm can be overstretched easily, making the situation worse. The best stretch for me is standing, slightly lunging forward on the good leg so that knee is bent, and the bad side angled out straight behind me. You have to experiment to see how far apart to split your legs, and how far to stretch the bad side. You know you have the right position if you can feel it in your psoas. DON'T OVERSTRETCH. It will not get you better faster, it will only make the spasm worse. I don't do the stretches very often bc. the massage is most effective.
        5. lidocaine. The transdermal patches can provide a lot of relief, because they numb the area. This is not in any way curative, but it can give you a break from symptoms for a while.

        I want to assure you that even though the spasms have never completely gone away, they have lessened over time and they do respond to the treatments mentioned. And if anyone else has any other suggestions, I am sure Soccermom and I would both be grateful.
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        Wishing you happiness and good health, and all the best out of life.

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          I have had this problem for 5 years or so. Nothing has worked except guided injections of Botox under fluroscopy.
          It lasts almost a year for me and reduces the pain significantly. I have just moved and can't find anyone in my new area who offers this.
          Need to be referred by a doctor who will prescribe the Botox.


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            Yes!! Oh has caused me quite a bit of pain! Prominence, is your insurance paying for your botox?
            Please do not take my responses or posts as medical advice. I am learning too!
            Diagnosed in 2006 (But have had symptoms since 1987)
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            For my IC/Pelvic floor dysfunction:
            Botox injections in pelvic floor
            Physical Therapy twice a week
            TENS unit
            Baking Soda
            IC Diet
            I also have a Lapband, so my diet is even MORE limited!


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              Originally posted by jwrn View Post
              Yes!! Oh has caused me quite a bit of pain! Prominence, is your insurance paying for your botox?
              Yes, it is. I had it done in Calgary, Canada at the Spinal Care Centre. The Botox is $400 per dose but it does last me a year.