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Unsure if I have IC

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  • Unsure if I have IC

    I'm not quite for sure if I'm posting this in the right section or not.

    I've seen a urologist for the last several few years with the diagnosis of overactive bladder but I'm wondering now if I should seek another opinion. I think I have mild IC. My back hurts from time to time (which stops after I go to the bathroom) and from the reading that I did last night the pain in the back is one of the signs for IC (which happens to not be listed for someone who has overactive bladder).

    The urologist that diagnosed me moved away about a year ago and the the urologist that I saw in his place just said that it was overactive bladder continue my Ditropan and I don't have to come back and see him.

    Does anyone have any advice?

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.

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    I'm not sure if you have Ic. I would try to see a specialist in Ic just to make sure. It wont hurt you to get a 2nd opinion... ya know?? Do you have any frequency issue, pressure or buring?? Those are some syptoms of IC. Although everyone is different so try to see a specialist!!! Wishing you Luck


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      I don't know if you have IC either, only a specilist could determine. If you are just going by having a sore lower back, I wouldn't think that is IC. IC comes with frequency/urgency/burning/pelvic pain -pressure in bladder etc...

      Good luck! I hope you DON'T have don't want this one


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        Sorry, we can't diagnose you, we aren't doctors! But if I were just guessing, I'd say no, bc. as everyone else has said, the hallmarks of IC are frequency/urgency and severe pain. But if it's worrying you, absolutely try to get another opinion. I hope you don't have it, IC is the pits. So, I don't think you should get too worked up over the possibility, but see someone else if you're not confident in your doctor's judgment.

        Believe me, it's not that we don't want to welcome you to the group, but I'm sure everyone here is rooting for you NOT to have it! Good luck.
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          Please get a second opinion, im sorry you are suffering like this. I truly hope you don't have IC it is a terrible disease. We are here for you no matter what, IC or not. Bladder problems are all welcomed here!

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            I was prescribed Detrol for urge/frequency. It reduced my stream to basically a dribble. I quit taking it and my stream retuned to normal. I don’t know if you have IC or not but pain was not my presenting symptom. I never did have unbearable pain but I did have a combination of symptoms that affected the quality of my life. I did have a pain that I call a backward UTI pain. It didn’t hurt when I started going to the bathroom but as I finished it hurt.

            If the quality of your life is being affected I would keeping trying to find help.
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