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  • Laproscopy???

    I called my dr. last week when my IC pain decided that it wasn't enough to attack my nether regions and thought my right leg would be a good candidate. Thankfully that has subsided.
    My dr. thought that laprascopic surgery "just to look around" would be a good idea. He (my gyn) and my urologist are going to take a peek on the 10th of April.
    Is this going to tell them anything.
    I was just diagnosed last month but have a sneaking suspicion that I have had IC for several years.

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    A laprascopy can look at inside your body all around the pelvic areas, ovaries, fallopian tubes, everywhere. But it cannot look in to your bladder unless they are going to specifically look into your bladder.

    Unless they do a cystscopy of the bladder a lap when not see your bladder.

    I would verify if they plan on looking your bladder!



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      Maybe they are looking for adhesions (due to chronic inflammation) or for Endometriosis? Those would be my guesses.
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        I would definitely ask your doctor what his reasons for having you do a lap are. They will not be able to see the inside of your bladder at all, but will be able to see if there is endo on the bladder. But I would ask him what he plans on doing if he does find endo there. They may remove it, but make sure you discuss all the pro's and con's before going into any surgery. Good Luck and hope all goes well.


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          He did mention endo. But why would he have diagnosed me with IC and then do a lap???
          I go for my pre-op this Thursday. I'll let you guys know what I find out.


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            Endo and IC are very common to have together. I had horrible periods and a lot of pain on both sides. I first had a vaginal ultrasound and it showed cysts on both ovaries. Then I had a lap to see how bad the cysts were and if there was endo. My gyn brough in a uro during the procedure b/c I had complained of bladder issues that were not infections.

            Two reasons for the uro, to see if endo leisions were in my bladder or to see what problems my bladder had ie IC. The gyno was looking for cysts, endo, scar adhesions. They are a good combo of docs to have during a procedure. If the gyn has questions about stuff out of his area of expertise the uro is there, if the uro has stuff out of his the gyno is there. They are two of the most important docs for women and the pelvic region.

            So don't worry. It's a good thing you are having done. Looking at it in person beats the guessing game of bloodwork, ultrasounds, questioniares of symptoms,xrays, c-scans and mris. It will tell them everything they need to know to get you started in the right direction w/o losing more time of wasted tests! This is a great thing, ok! No worries!

            Good luck let us know how it goes!