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getting a job and IC?

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  • getting a job and IC?

    ok I'm gonna be looking for a job real soon, which will probley be Walmart. What should I do when I have flare ups? i need to work so I can get on insuarance, and I have a car payment to start paying. Is there any other place you can think of that I can work at that isn't so big? I don't like it when I'm working and 500 ft. away from the bathroom, and then have to stop in the middle of a job, and go pee, stay on the toilet for 5 min. then go back to work, and do that like every half and hour about. Even thoe, I'll admit once in a while, I am able to forget that I have to go pee and don't need to right away, but at other times, its like a suddan rush. Which area's in walmart should I might try out for?



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    and not even just with IC and getting a job, I stutter pretty bad too, which doesn't help like at all. I'm not sure what the best job for me there is?


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      I dont really have any suggestions for you, (though I wish I did and could help you some way! ) But, I just wanted to wish you luck. I hope that you find a job with a compassionate boss and understanding coworkers, and something that wont send your IC into a tailspin.

      I have thought of something that would be a great job for an ICer, if they had insurance elsewhere (like Medicare or thru their spouses employer.) My Mom is disabled, but she is able to sit with elderly people to supplement her income. She works the night shift 7p to 7a. The ladies she sits with all fall asleep at about 8pm. She is allowed to sleep too. She has a baby moniter in the room of the lady and then one where she is, so if the lady needs assistance, she can hear and go to her. Basically, all Mom has to do is cook breakfast, help them with their baths and assist them to the toilet, dress them in the mornings, and do the b-fast dishes and make the bed. She gets $12 an hour from one, $10 an hour from another, and $7 an hour from another one. But, she works the nite shifts at all of them. (The one that pays $12 an hour has to be fed and wears diapers, so it is a bit more work.) But, all in all, Mom loves it! I mean where else can you get paid to sleep, watch tv with someone, and get to go to the bathroom when you need to!

      Mom finds her jobs in the paper, or by calling nursing homes and has her name on a bulliten board there, and also she called a few churches and told the Ministers about what she does and asked that if they heard of anyone needing someone for them to call her. She has so many calls now that she has to turn them down!

      But, like I said, I know insurance is a biggie, and alot of people have to have jobs that offer insurance. But, if you (or anyone else reading this), dont have that constraint, then this would be a great job for an ICer!

      But, whatever you end up doing, I hope you find something that you enjoy and that is doable for you with IC.

      Best wishes and hugs coming at ya,


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        I don't have a specific answer for you either, I'm sorry to say. But when looking for a job, you should think about what kinds of things you are good at, and what kind of atmosphere you like to be in. For example, maybe if you are self-conscious about your stutter, you wouldn't want a high-contact job like cashier, but would be happy working in the mailroom of a business. But then, maybe you aren't self-conscious, I don't mean to suggest that you should be -- you definitely shouldn't be, you can't help it.

        Then when you think about atmosphere, well, do you like a big noisy place with a lot of people around (ex. Walmart), or do you prefer quieter locations.

        There are office jobs, like the mailroom, that don't require any specific skills but still offer benefits because you work for the business. And there are usually plenty of bathrooms.

        You didn't mention if you have any special training in anything; maybe if you haven't, you could think about it, imagine yourself in various situations and try to think of something you'd like to train for.

        I wish I could be of more help, but anyway, I wish you all the best for your job hunt!
        Je vous souhaite de la joie, de la bonne santée, et tout ce qu'il y a de bon dans la vie.
        Wishing you happiness and good health, and all the best out of life.

        Peace, Carolyn

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