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  • Coffee???

    Hello ladies. I was diagnosed back in early February and have been on Elmiron, Elavil and Atarax daily since then. I have seen a great improvement since taking the Elavil. I used to have a good day every once and a while and now i can go a week at a time and feel great. I have lost weight since being diagnosis as I am still doing the elimiation diet and really just eat lots of veggies. I have also been taking Prelief eith every meal for a month. Now here is my question. I used to be a very big coffee drinker and that is the first thing I had to give up. I purchased some Folgers Low Acid coffee and was going to try a small cup the other day but I was literally scared to death to drink it and I chickened out.
    I have read some posts about "coffee tamer". Can someone please tell me where i can get some????


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    I've never heard of "coffee tamer" so I'll be interested to see other people's responses.

    I was also a HUGE coffee drinker. I have a can of decaf folgers low acid coffee as well. I am also scared to death to even try it.

    I feel like its too soon for me. I'd have to be feeling "normal" for a few months I think before I'd try coffee again. I still get very flary around my period....


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      If you do a google search for Coffee Tamer, you should get a hit for a website that carries the product. I'd post the website, however I'm not sure if that would be appropriate.

      If I'm not mistaken, one of the popular brands of coffee creamer has an acid reducer in it as well.

      Take care..

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        Prelief actually does the same thing the Tamer says it will do. I tried Tamer, but it was something to add to the coffee and after I drank the coffee, it was just sitting there, undissolved, in the bottom of the cup.

        I have a daily cup of low acid coffee with no problem.

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          for the love of coffee

          YEAH.. COFFEE.. Really can seem like one of the most difficult things to give up at times can't it? I imagine with the coffee makers, coffee with less acid, prelief, and possibly espresso, we could be good to sip the pick me up now and again..AY?
          I know it sounds crazy to put the espresso in there, but it really is not. My one aunt in Finland, can tolerate espresso, or cappuccino(prob spelled wrong) much moreso, than coffee.
          Apparantly, there is much less acid in espresso. Plus, very small amounts can be added with other ingredients(cappuccino) thereby, making it as tasty as coffee, sometimes more, while requiring so much less of the oh so tasty but oh so bad for us beans. Again, I must note, that everytime I choose the lesser of the evils,and pair it up with some I.C. friendly materials, (lil espresso, lotsa milk, maybe some creamy stuff, and suuuggaarrr) it is much much easier to make satisfying compromises without much regret! Sip by sip, bit by bit, we shall know what tolerance is. all the best!
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            Hello Ladies. Thank you so much for replying to my post. i did locate the coffee tamer on a website when I did a Google search. I think I paid under $6 for 40 packets. Some people have told me that it does not work for them but I am willing to try anything to maybe be able to drink one cup of coffee a day. I will be sure to let everyone know the outcome.



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              oh...I miss coffee too!

              I was a coffee and tea drinker before IC. I guess it has been better on my pocket book as I don't frequent Starbuck's or Tim Hortons as much as I used too. My new favorite is a vanilla steamer- steamed milk with vanilla syrup. I also drink "Krakus" instant coffee substitute from Poland and Celestial Seasonings English Toffee tea.
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                My doctor told me coffee is coffee no matter if its decaf or acid free- and that I needed to stop drinking it as that is what my major problem was -- I didn't really believe him but I stopped drinking it for about 10 days in October of last year, and you know what? he was right! (I mean no matter what I used-prelief, or whatever it still bothered me). I don't know about most people, as we are all different, I know some of us have said that as long as they only drink 1 cup they are ok. I now drink tea, every once in awhile I drink a cup of coffee-on really cold days when tea doesn't hit the spot.


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                  I can have a cup a day of an acid reduced coffee with no problem - I use the brand Kava. When I occasionally treat myself to a cup of real coffee I take a few Prelief with it. I've found that as long as I don't exceed one cup a day and save the real coffee as a treat it doesn't bother my bladder. I found I just can't live without some caffeine.


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                    I was on the Elmiron and Elavil combo too and was feeling great. (TTC now so I have to go off for a while) But while I was on it I was able to eat a small amount of chocolate daily and I could tolerate coffee and mochas as well. I tried it slowly, a little bit twice a week or so and worked my way up to everyday. Since weening myself down from the Elmiron I can't do it anymore, but while I was on it, it was no problem. Good Luck! Hope you can enjoy your coffee again.


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                      Coffee actually does not bother me at all. But I guess we are all different.