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You know what makes me REALLY mad?

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  • You know what makes me REALLY mad?

    I have severe pelvic floor dysfunction for which I am in therapy. PFD causes a lot of my pelvic pain. PFD is more painful than my IC right now.

    What makes me mad is that after I had my daughter almost 4 years ago I KNEW something was wrong. I would go to my gynocologist and asked her if I looked right, was I sewn up wrong etc....and she said I was "fine." I even told her that I was leaking some urine and that I couldn't hold a tampon in. As soon as anything hit the tampon it would literally fall out. I TOLD her this & her general attitude was, "yup, that can happen after you have a baby."

    I will ALWAYS wonder what would have happened had I had a doctor who said, "NO, that's NOT normal, you need PT" if I'd be where I am today. Would I be here with severe pelvic pain and IC?

    I know it doesn't matter to wonder such a thing but I really feel like my medical care was poor these past 4 years. How many other women are suffering under this gynocologist b/c she is ignorant to PFD and/or IC??

    Makes me mad!!!

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    add me to the list of moron gyns. mine told my husband that there was nothing wrong with me. I was only seeking his attention, take me home and explain to me that there is nothing wrong. needless to say at the tome he stayed drunk, and caused a massive fight between us.. some people are not cut out to be doctors. ((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))
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      Trust me, i could write the book on bad gyns! I saw about a dozen of of them over 13 years before being diagnosed with endometriosis and another 6 gyns before being diagnosed with IC. I've been told that the symptoms are 'just a woman thing,' that the pain's all in my head, and have been told by 4 gyns that i need a hysterectomy. To me, that's not just bad doctoring, but negligence.

      I really wish there were more understanding docs out there who don't just write us off as 'hysterical females.' IC is a very real, very painful and very common condition. You'd think they'd be taught more about it in med school...

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      Other treatments tried: surgery, 13 birth controls, Lupron (poison! ), and Depot Provera (the worst thing my body’s ever gone through! )
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        Your not alone feeling like things could have been caught earlier since they were brought to the doctors attention but instead were dismissed!

        I mean I suspect my PFD was known by my gastro back in 1990 but no one recommended pt...and now PFD has progressed to prolapse!

        Feel for you!
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          Originally posted by soccermom32 View Post

          Makes me mad!!!
          You have every right to be mad. I never realized until IC how many doctors are ignorant, rude, and just plain bad doctors. It definitely is a problem for us ICers.

          There can not be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.

          March 2006 IC tested positive

          current treatments for IC:
          Zoloft 100mg
          tramadol hcl 50mg (4-8 per day)
          diphenhydramine (1 nightly)
          elavil 25mg, Just started Nov 11

          additional meds for pain if needed:
          tried Elmiron for over year and didn't see much of a change, gained weight

          Also take Lisinolpril for high blood pressure

          Other conditions:
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          depression '94
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          Mitral Valve Prolaspe Syndrome '01
          Migraines since childhood
          Chronic Fatique '03

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            It is sadly exactly for these reasons and my own bad care I received that I have no faith or trust in doctors anymore! And that's sad.....


            I'm 47 years old, married 27 years. I have two wonderful boys and two wonderful grandchildren. I was diagnosed in 1994. Life has certainly thrown me many many surprises, all of which I'm trying to stay positive and hopeful, and I try to think about my blessings not my misfortunes, when possible. Stay Strong!