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Kidney Pain?

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  • Kidney Pain?

    I am about to have my first hydro with biopsy after 2 1/2 years of virtually no care for my poor bladder. I am ready for it, but in the last 2 months I have developed horrible pain on my left side. It started as a crippling flank pain which I thought was my kidney. My general doc thought it was stones, but none showed up on my CT - just inflammation of the left kidney. The attacks have become more frequent and now when the hits it hurts in my left lower pelvis in addition to my kidney area. Has anyone else had anything similar happen? I was thinking there was no way it was the IC, but now I'm not so sure. HELP!

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    Hello EC! I have just been diagnosied with IC about 2 weeks ago.
    I had a Cystophy and bladder biopsy - but i have been reccommended to have the 6 week treatment if my symtoms dont improve over the next few weeks!
    its taken me 1 and a half years of the same systoms u mentioned below to be diagnosed.
    the doctors have put me on antibiotics all this time for bladder/kidney infections and they too thought i had stones...
    i get the pains too - especially on my left side so it does sound like you have IC. when is ur op?




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      Yeah, it's funny, my pain always refers out to the left side only. Never the right. Sometimes I don't even feel pain in my bladder, just off to the left. I have had every conceivable test to rule out kidney problems, so this is just the way my IC is presenting.
      Je vous souhaite de la joie, de la bonne santée, et tout ce qu'il y a de bon dans la vie.
      Wishing you happiness and good health, and all the best out of life.

      Peace, Carolyn

      Laura (11), Susannah (12 1/2) and Maman (that's me!), North Wildwood NJ, September 2007

      On the Beach with IC


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        My procedure is scheduled for Friday. I didn't think it could be referred pain, as it began when my bladder was actually feeling good. At least I'm not the only one! Strange.