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Link between acid reflux and IC?

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  • ktrn79
    I too have severe acid and bile reflux. My reflus is so bad that I have Barrett's Esophagus from the damage. I have noticed that the Prelief really helps both. I don't know if there is a true link or not.

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  • skeetor
    started a topic Link between acid reflux and IC?

    Link between acid reflux and IC?

    I was diagnosed with LPR two years ago, which is laryngeal pharyngeal reflux disease. It's not GERD but similar, in that the the reflux extends into the throat/vocal cords causing a chronic sore throat. Then last year I was diagnosed with IC/pelvic floor disorder. It's weird because when I have an IC flare my throat burns and is sore. It's a pain unlike anything I can describe, maybe nerve/visceral? It's like the smooth muscle is inflammed from my throat all the way down to my bladder. This all started after a hysterectomy with ovaries removed followed by part of thyroid removed for benign goiter. Has anyone here on this board had a similar experience? Pain management suggested trying Lyrica. Thanks