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acid indigestion and bladder pain

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  • acid indigestion and bladder pain

    does anyone find that taking a acid reducer makes a painfull bladder worse???I keep having a buring when i take Pepsid ..and how do you take Prelief? .. can it be taken with a pepsid...?? and how of ofter do you take it ?? My Ortho. wants me to take Boniva for my Osteoporosis.. what will that do to my bladder ???


    PS.. anyone taking Elmiron and haveing heartburn??

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    Hi Karen. I take prelief when I think something may have acid in it. As you most likely know, unlike tums etc. prelief takes acid out of foods not our own acid. I for one do not have any trouble with Elmiron. I have read on this site where people believe they must take it on an empty stomach others say they feel sick so take it with food. I don't think it matters either way. I would be interested in the Boniva as I wish to avoid Osteoporosis yet I am afraid to take anything for my bones until I hear it seems to be OK. Maybe someone can fill us in about that. All my best. Ziggy


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      I don't take Prelief full time, but when we go out to eat, I take two immediately before eating. I usually take Tums for indigestion. Elmiron can cause gastric distress, but some find that if they empty the capsule into water and take it that way, discarding the empty capsule, that helps.

      If you have osteoporosis, you'll definitely want to take one of the meds to keep it under control. We had an aunt with osteo before there were meds available and it's not a pretty thing to have.


      P.S. Ziggy, there is a simple "heel test" you can have to measure bone density. The best preventive is to be sure you ingest enough calcium.
      Stay safe

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