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  • Long shot.....

    I know its a long shot but to my fellow Canadians...does anyone happen to know of any doctors in Calgary,AB. that specialize in IC?

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    Hi Lori,

    as you know I live in Toronto, but for help with choosing a doctor, this site might be of some help-

    Of course everyone's opinion is highly objective, and to be honest most of the uro's got decent ratings. Although one person mentioned a certain doctor who was completely ignorant of IC, so you might want to avoid that one.

    Good luck

    I'm looking for a uro now too. I've decided that sitting aroung and waiting for help for 5 months is really stupid!

    19 y/o student, salesperson, fashionista, future high school teacher. <3 to sing and travel. Dream job= cruise ship entertainer
    My IC story- diagnosed at age 15 (Feb 2004), after approx. 6 mos of symptoms. Went into near complete remission following hydrodistention and introduction of meds. Feeling so good that I started skipping meds (bad idea). 1 week flare (May 2006). New flare November 2006-present.
    My triggers- I'm not sure about food triggers, just started IC diet but so far doesn't seem to be doing much. Stress is a big trigger for me though. Both flares this year came during stressful times. I think that stress reduction will help me immensely (last flare went AWAY during vacation in Mexico when I was drinking margaritas like they were water;P).
    Start of IC symptoms- Summer 2003 (after a UTI)
    Dx- February 2004, after hydrodistension (ouch!)

    Current treatments- Amytriptyline (25mg), Hydroxizine (25mg), MSM w/Glucosamine (1000mg,3x/day), quercetin (500mg, 2x/day), trying to stick to IC diet, prelief as needed.

    Previous treatments- Amytriptyline (10mg), Hydroxizine (10mg), Alesse (HBC)


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      Lori Re Ic Docs

      Hi Lori,

      I am from Edmonton and I have seen only one IC doctor in Calgary.
      Her name is Dr. M Robert and she works out of the Foothills Hospital in a Pelvic Pain Clinic. I saw her twice for Botox injections done vaginally approx. four months apart. I have had severe IC for more than 30 years and like a lot of us also have severe PFD. Plus I have had eleven abdominal/pelvic surgeries starting at 15. So I found the Botox injections were almost worse than childbirth due to all the adhesions and the IC. I decided not have any further Botox injections.

      Dr. Robert is (I believe that is what she is called) a uro-gynecologist.
      I just called her office in Calgary to confirm her phone # and it is
      (403) 944-1636. As usual, the receptionist told me you would need a referral from your GP to see her and the waiting time right now for an appt. with her is between nine months and one year. We have two female gyne-cologists in Edm. and the waiting time for them is over a year. My own uro is booking nine months to a year. But the receptionist said Dr. Robert would look at the referral from your GP and if she felt she needed to see you sooner she would. Also, if she feels there is another doctor that you should see she would make that recommendation.

      I hope this is of help to you. If you want, you can e-mail me at
      [email protected]

      GOOD LUCK!



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        Hi Louise!
        Thank you so, so much for ALL the info you found out for me...I REALLY appreciate it!!(Isn't is sad about the long waiting periods?!)Anyways...thanks have made my day a little brighter!