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  • Side pain

    I was diagnosed with IC two months ago via cystoscopy and hydrodistention performed during a laparoscopy to remove stage IV endometriosis. Since I’ve always chalked up my pain to the endo, I’m still not sure what IC pain feels like. For the last few weeks, though, I’ve had very sharp pain in my right side, starting around my kidney and radiating around to an incision on my stomach, about 6 in from my navel. The pain gets the worst when I have to go to the bathroom, or right after I go. I’m still dealing with a lot of nausea when I take Elmiron and the pain gets worse with an upset stomach. At times it’s so bad I have trouble breathing. Anyone else experience this? Is this how IC pain can present?

    Otherwise, can IC affect the kidneys and ureters? I had extensive endo deposits removed from my ureter during the surgery and had to have a stent in my ureter for a few weeks to protect it from possible damage caused by the excision. I’m wondering if the irritants that bother my bladder are having the same effect on my kidney and ureter as well.

    …any thoughts?


    Allergies (Claritin)
    Anemia (iron supplement)
    Asthma (albuterol inhaler)
    Bilateral hearing loss (hearing aids)
    Chronic migraines (amitryptiline, midrin, special diet)
    Chronic rhinitis and sinusitis
    Endometriosis – stage IV (lapex surgery done by specialist 3/07; now pain- and symptom-free!)
    Other treatments tried: surgery, 13 birth controls, Lupron (poison! ), and Depot Provera (the worst thing my body’s ever gone through! )
    Interstitial Cystitis (Elmiron, Tramadol, Darvocet, IC diet)
    Knee problems (ballet-related injury – no diagnosis 10 years later)
    Scoliosis (>10 years of chiropractic treatment – none currently)
    Seizure (4/03)
    Surgeries: 6/95 – maxillo-facial surgery to realign jaw; currently have 8 screws in jaw
    2/06 – laparoscopy with excision of endometriosis and ovarian cyst, appendectomy, hysteroscopy, D&C, removal of uterine polyp
    3/07 – laparoscopy with excision of endometriosis, hysteroscopy, cystoscopy, hydrodistention, insertion of stent in ureter

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    Get it checked out

    I haven't heard anyone else describe the type of pain you mentioned. I think if you're experiencing any sort of sharp pain, it's a good idea to get it checked out by a doctor.
    Good luck.