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    Hello, I'm new here. I know I'm not under the story thread so I will not go into a massive detail of my story. Just a quick over view. I cannot describe the emotions I experienced when just two nights ago I found an answer! I've been to two doctors, urologist, gyno, all which tell me there is nothing wrong with me, apparently the pain was in my head! I see now this is not an uncommon reaction by phycisians, which is very sad. I finally got my answer through Yahoo! Answers lol, when a woman with this condition responded to my question.

    Anyway, for over two years I've been battleing with this pain. Mostly the pain is in my urethra I think, when I void the burning sensation usually seems to be close to where the urine comes out, but sometimes goes all the way up to my blatter and my blatter has a horrible achy sensation. Sometimes if I lay down and place my hand between my legs and apply pressure it helps till the flare goes away. I have to drink massive amounts of water to ensure my pain is minimal. If I get caught in a situation where I do not have access to water I know I'm going to flare next time I void. I cannot tolerate sodas, coffee. If I drink things other than water I douse myself with an extra glass. This of course sends me to the bathroom very frequently. But I'd rather that then be in pain. My husband and I's sex life hasbeen a struggle for the past two years because of this pain. It's also a struggle to avoid UTI's. For awhile there I was taking AZO pain pills everyday. So I'm pretty sure this is what I have.

    So my question is, since it seems that this causes the blatter to be extremely sensitive to touch, I am 7 weeks pregnant. Has anyone else here had a child while enduring IC? I'm so scared that the baby's weight on the blatter is going to create massive problems with this!

    Hope everyone is having a decent day at least and thank you for any responses.

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    Actually you might feel better during pregnancy.
    There is a journal of the women that were pregnant with IC on this website.
    Check it out..
    I cannot believe it took you 2 years to get to the diagnose. You are a book case example.
    It also look that cysto w/hydro would help you - but I don't know if it is safe during pregnancy.


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      thank you! The pregnancy is unexpected but welcome nonetheless

      Reading about all this has just blown me away. I just thought I was weird and cursed. The urologist told me that there was nothing wrong and that it must just be how I am, he was very rude.


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        Welcome to the ICN. I'm so sorry to hear its taken you two years to find out what you have. I had a fairly (comparatively) quick diagnosis and I was even beginning to doubt myself... I can't imagine two years with no answers.

        I have not been pregnant yet myself, but I do know my uro has told me he is willing to do the cysto/hydro while pregnant if needed. A lot of women say actually that pregnancy relieves the symptoms, so maybe you won't even need treatment while pregnant. There is also a discussion on this forum about pregnancy and there a number of active members on it. I've not had children yet, sorry I cna't be of more help.

        Welcome, again!