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  • yogurt?

    I've been reading about dietary changes, nothing mentions yogurt being bad, but I just read a post which I don't know if she meant yogurt is good or bad.
    I'm pregnant and yogurt is one of the very few things i can eat.

    I've yet to see the gyno about my pregnancy. Will be going in the next few weeks. I am worried about trying to convince her that I DO have this problem, that it's real, and that I am scared this will affect my pregnancy & birth. So far have not found anything online about women who are pregnant and have this condition.

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    For MOST people, it seems that yogurt is bad. For me, though, its good. I actually eat a lot of vanilla yoghurt during flaretime and it seems to help... or maybe just NOT hurt which when I'm flaring boils down to about the same thing... For many, though it does make things worse. I'd say to start the IC diet asap and try yogurt and try to pay attention to how it affects you.

    About seeing your OB/Gyn, maybe you can print some of the articles from ICN and bring them into your appt. There was a good Women's Day article on this condition in the April 1st issue. (there is more than one issue for April so try to find April 1st written on it) While that article is not a medical article, it IS really short and talks about the symptoms and adds a validity to your claim of having it.

    Good luck!


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      Thank you! I've found some dietary changes on this site, most of which I found out on my own. Been taking a pre-natal vitamin and had no idea this could worsen symptoms though my symptoms are the same since taking them. And yogurt is like one of the only things I can manage to keep down due to severe morning sickness(actually should be called ALL DAY SICKNESS )
      Could you point me in the direction of a thorough recommendation for dietary changes?


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        the women's day article, is that a magazine I need to look for OTC or is it online?
        Thanks, sounds like the perfect article, need something not to long so she'll actually read it but lists symptoms and that it's for REAL.


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          Hey here's an article online at Woman's Day.. not the article I was talking about but its good too.

          About the diet, there is a diet list on this website. It is in the Patient Handbook section. It lists foods that are "usualy good" "sometimes good" and "usually bad" for IC patients.

          Since youre pregnant, though, you might want to bring the diet into your doctor also to talk about what you should eat and what you should probably try to tolerate in order to get correct vitamins for the baby.


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            Have you tried eating the yogart? Do you flare after? If not, then its probably fine for you.

            I eat yogart with fruit every day and it doesn't bother me. Turns out I only have 2 definite triggers so far - Kellogg's All Bran Bars and Green's Energy Bars. OMG the pain is horrible after those 2 things, so obviously I avoid them. Beyond that I eat everything. You just have to try it and see if it works for you. With IC its basically a science experiment with your own bladder!

            Good luck!


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              I've been eating yogurt a lot lately and I'm fine with it. The main thing is the variety I get is all natural (Brown Cow Cream Top Plain) and so it's full fat. I usually eat it with some granola or use it in some sauces. If you're going to try it, make sure you avoid anything like the Dannon or Yoplait "lite," "low-calorie," or "fat free" versions, or anything with artificially added colors and flavors. Those varieties may have aspartame or other artificial sweeteners, which are the worse food triggers for me.