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Curious - How many people have Fibromyalgia here?

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  • Curious - How many people have Fibromyalgia here?

    Doc told me IC is very common with Fibromyalgia which I was diagnosed with 6 yrs ago (and had it MUCH longer before I was properly diagnosed).
    Just was wondering if anyone else had it here and if they were told the same thing? Thanks! HUGS


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    I have had IC for almost 20 years and fibromyaglia for 3 years or so and IBS developed somewhere in between there. I have read that IC, fibro, IBS, and migraines can all go together and if you have one you are more likely to possibly get the others also. At present, the fibro pain has me in more pain and down than the IC.


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      I have a real bad case of fibro. Sometimes me feet hurt so bad I can't walk, and my arms so bd I can't hardlt lift them past my shoulders. It is very commone to have fibro with IC.
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        yep--I have just recently been told by my doc that I have fibro also. Looking back, I think that I probably had it several years before the IC. I had the sore feet and ran low grade temps a lot and generally ached all over a lot of the time. I just thought that these things were "normal"--ha ha. Like the others have said, it is common for these two diseases to occur together.



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          Me! I manage it, but sometimes life is hard to get through because of it.
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            I have chronic Fibro. Seems like I'm always hurting somewhere.