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Visit to Gynecologist - Pain, Pain, Pain

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    For the last few years everytime I went to have my yearly done, it has hurt more than usual, and I have mentioned it to my gyn, (he knows that I have IC, he more or less told me it was all in my head) and I have been thinking of finding another doctor but I don't know, well, I now have a family doctor who I am very comfortable with (he sees me every few months for followup to all of my problems whether I am sick or not) so I mentioned my yearly checkup to him and its coming up and he said we can schedule it for whenever. So I am going to give him a try. I figure if I'm not comfortable with him then next year I can either take one of the female doctors there or find another gyn.
    But either, way no doctor tells me its in my head.


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      Any doctor who dismisses your pain or says it is all in your head is not worth going back to in my opinion, I would say it is time to get a new doctor.