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Newly diagnosed and I have a question.

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  • Newly diagnosed and I have a question.

    I have been putting off asking this question because I am so scared of the answer but I have not seen any threads with this issue. We just opened our pool this week. Is there any problem swimming in a chlorine pool with IC? I am asking this because I have nerve/pain issues on vulva and outside vagina. I'm begging, please, please do not take this away from me too.

    Wishing good health to everybody! Tina

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    Chlorine only bothers me because I am allergic to it. If I take a shower right after I am ok, it hasn't bothered my bladder so far. The best I can suggest is trying and see. If you have a pool at home, you will use less chemicals then a public pool, which would make the chances of pain alot lower.
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      You know, some people have no problem and yet others do. You'll just have to try and see. I know Sarojini has a hot tub and doesn't have problems with it.

      I was in the pool with my ds this morning for the first time in ages and found that I had a significant increase in frequency while I was swimming. I have no idea if it was chlorine....or just being in water...that made my body need to pee so much. It was wierd!

      Hope all goes well for you.


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        Hi Tina,
        I am also newly diagnosed and I am really hoping that I will be able to swim. I asked my urologist and he said that some people can tolerate pools and some can't. I did find some threads on this site concerning hot tubs and pools - I think I just used the goolge search that you can see if you scroll up to the top of this page (search Some folks posted that they use alternative treatments (something other than chlorine but I don't remember what). Hopefully someone else with a pool can answer your questions. We don't have a pool but I will need to try swimming at the YMCA before we go on our summer vacation because I really do not want to have a flare while vacationing. My parents got us a hot tub for a Christmas gift before I was suddenly struck with IC. I have been too afraid to try the hot tub - maybe someday . This IC stuff really stinks. I really hope that we can both swim this summer! I am thinking about you. Sending healing energy...linda
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          I can swim if I don't sit around in a wet swim suit afterwards. We have a pool and don't use clorine. We use the generic for baquacil --- it's available for hot tubs too if you're interested.

          Stay safe

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            We just got a pool.. but we had to get non clorine chemicals.. Clorine is bad for me, but I think someone mentioned on here that you can rubb vasiline on you down there and the chemicals cant irritate you.. Sounds like a good idea..

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              I'm the one who suggested vaseline -- I am a diving coach and I have had to be in the water (also love it ) every summer for the eleven years that I've had IC. Coating everything "down there" with vaseline creates a barrier and protects your skin. Some people find that they need to wear looser swimsuits to avoid pain from the tight fabric around the crotch and bladder; others think a tight suit keeps out the water better. Someone I know is actually working on rigging a "vagina goggle" using the eyepiece from a goggle that happens to be shaped appropriately, but she's having trouble figuring out how to keep it sealed. Any suggestions welcome!

              Donna made a good point and I've noticed this also -- sitting around in a wet suit can be irritating and definitely increases frequency for me. This can be awkward if you want to be in and out of the water, but you figure things out. At the community pool where I go there are changing rooms, and I usually put on dry clothes, but also keep an extra swimsuit in my bag in case I want to go back in. For beach trips, a little pop up tent usually gives you enough space and privacy to change. In the ICN shop there is a pop up thing for changing or peeing, and some really great port-a-pee systems. You should check them out.

              I hope you'll all be able to swim this summer. I can't dive anymore and if I couldn't swim, I don't know what I'd do with myself. Water is definitely my element!

              BTW the picture below is my daughter diving at our community pool. She is poised to lift her hips and legs, and enter the water head first in a back dive. A friend of ours got the picture by sheer luck, LOL.

              Happy swimming to all of you.
              Je vous souhaite de la joie, de la bonne santée, et tout ce qu'il y a de bon dans la vie.
              Wishing you happiness and good health, and all the best out of life.

              Peace, Carolyn

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                Okay so it's truly okay to rub vaseline all over the outside of your urethra? And it won't cause an infection? I am so afraid to touch anything down there right now but I'm dying to get in the hot tub to see if I can't relax my pelvic muscles. Charisse
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                  I'm probably not as bad as a lot of people on here, but I've never really had a problem in pools/hot tubs/ or even baths with stuff in them IF I've been good about what I eat.

                  Good luck!!


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                    you will have to find out for yourself...
                    I never had a problem swimming ( beach or pool ).
                    Hope that you will enjoy your pool, girl
                    now get your butt out there and live a little
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                      Tina73... I always have to pee more when I swim in the pool (It makes me make more urine, like a diuretic). So, I can't go until I can hold more volume right now. I have heard that external pain does make swimming pools problematic, but you will have to try it to see if you are one of the ones it bothers. I sure hope not! Good luck!
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                        Well, I personally have no problems with vaseline. I can't promise that it won't bother someone else. You just have to try and see. Maybe you won't even need it.
                        Je vous souhaite de la joie, de la bonne santée, et tout ce qu'il y a de bon dans la vie.
                        Wishing you happiness and good health, and all the best out of life.

                        Peace, Carolyn

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                          I bought a spa last fall and was ok with Baquaspa products (no chlorine), but I can't get the chemicals right (probalbly just me) and am always battling foam. It's annoying because I love my spa for the pelvic floor muscles and the fibro spasms and aches. I used it all winter.

                          I'm going to try what my sister uses. It's a self contained mineral filtered cartridge called Nature 2 and it doesn't use chlorine or chemicals from what I've heard. I've been in her spa without problems. I will report back in a few days and let you know how it goes.

                          Thanks for the vaseline trick. Do you think it will work for a day at the water park? I'm not sure if I want to attempt this or not, but the whole family (inlaws and all) are going the week of June 8. We will have a hot tub in the condo, a few pools on the property, and we are going to the water park. OUCH! I don't think I'll be doing each one every day, but I would like to take part in some of them.

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                            Two great suggestions!
                            1.Vaseline(I was a spring-board diver too)

                            I do know what some people have problems with cholorene. Unless i'm having a vulvodynia flare i'm ok. The beach is always ok for me. I will also use the vasaline to form a barrier on my labia if i'm having a yeast infection, it helps sooth and prevent the swelling and redness.

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