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You won't believe this>>>

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  • leelee88
    I would write a letter to the hospital and also change doctors!!
    Good luck!

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  • bladder
    started a topic You won't believe this>>>

    You won't believe this>>>

    AAAAAAAAAAAARRRG! We traveled 6 hours again to be sent home from the hospital. This urologist is driving me nuts. I was preped, in my gown etc. and waiting in surgery for 1 1/2 hours. I went in to get my cysto. and this guy says, "come back in 2 weeks, you need a cysto and a urodynamics" OMG! The equipment was repaired for cysto but still down for urodynamics. He finally read my file that me GP sent him and decided last minute that I need a uro. test done, too! I even phoned his office the day before and his secretary told me to come for the appointment. I asked him why his secretary told me to come and he said that she does not know anything!!! OMG! He did not even book me in as having an appointment. Apparently he books 10 cystos every Thursday and tells another 20 people to just show up. The hospital does not even know you are coming. Wonderful! I was not the only one. I felt aweful for all the older patients that were turned away - people in their 80's that had to get a hotel and everything. We never heard such disgruntled staff. The nurses were shaking their heads. The Operation Room booking clerk told my husband and I privately things that we did not want to hear. She said she could loose her job for telling us that kind of stuff. I can not believe they put up with this guy! I am going to write a letter to the hospital. What do you think?