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  • Shooting pain

    I'm in the middle of what I think is a flare. I'm not going as often so I think things are getting a little better. I think what happened was a couple weeks ago I was starting to feel all better and had a few too many beer and pizza nights, I think it really set me off! Anyways I was wondering if anyone else gets shooting pains sometimes. Like when I go pee I have a bit of a shooting pain from time to time or even when I'm just sitting down it will come out of no where. I was wondering if anyone else experiences this with a flare. I've had this happen before just not for so long. I know I don't have a bladder infection, I've had those before and I know what it's like when I get hit with one. Just wondering if there's anything that I can do or if I should call my uro. I've been drinking tons of water, still taking elmiron 3 x a day and proced as I need it.

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    yikes so sorry that you are flairing. Pizza and beer are not IC friendly at all.
    sometimes I gert sgooting pans. Short of pain pills, heating pas and maybe a hot bath, all you can do is ride the pain out. I would check in with the doc, you may have a uti brewing.
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      OH NO... I would not even think about beer and pizza that would be torture....Like Tig said you will have to just ride it out.. I would drink plenty of water and take pain meds if you have any.. Also a hot bath always helps me..
      Good luck..


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        Sorry to hear you are feeling bad! Yes, I think it was the beer and pizza too! Most ICers would flare after either of those, but the combo would for sure do in just about any of us!

        When I have eaten or drank something that has caused me to flare, usually I try to flush it out with lots of water, and I also put some baking soda in a glass of water to help reduce the acid. After that, it's pain meds, heating pad, ice packs, warm baths, and pretty much waiting it out. (Though I know it is SO hard to do!!!)

        I hope that this flare passes soon for you!