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  • Went to dr today, first time

    Went to Urologist today for the first time. He said he has to rule everything else out before he gives me a dx of IC. He did a bladder test to check my capacity and said I have diminished capacity. Is this normal for IC? He's having me take a CAT scan and doing some bloodwork and will see me back in two days. Meanwhile, he gave me a pill of Levaquin in the office and also gave me Urelle to take 4 times a day saying this will help me feel better.
    Will Urelle help with my frequency? Since I started the IC diet, my pain has gone down some but not my frequency.
    Thanks in advance for your advice!

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    Urelle helps me...somewhat. It takes away the burning to a degree. Pyridium helps me the most, but it causes nausea so I couldn't stay on that. I sure it helps.

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      Allies- It is good that your doctor wants to rule out all other causes for your discomfort because I think that is a major factor in diagnosing IC. And wouldn't it be wonderful if they could find something (another cause) that could be easily cured - that is what I was hoping for when I went through all of those tests. I am not familiar with Urelle but maybe someone else can help you with your questions about Urelle. Feel free to send me a PM if you have any other questions that I can help with - or just post your questions and you will get lots of support on these boards. I am keeping you in my thoughts and wishing you well ...linda
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        Thanks Linda

        Thanks for your support Linda, I know it's a good thing to rule out other things and fortunately, I'm moving along quickly. I have the CAT scan tomorrow and then I see the Urologist again on Thursday. I'm hurting right now, which I think is to be expected, plus I have a lot of itches, which I think I may be starting with Vulvodenia. I'm not sure, it's all so overwhelming! Thanks again, I'll keep you posted.


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          Yes I think a lot of ICers have lost capacity. After my cysto/hydro my uro said that I had 1/3 the capacity of a normal bladder. She explained that my GAG layer is missing and therefore the bladder wall is very irritated with urine right up against it. The bladder wall is so irritated that it bleeds. This bleeding leads to scarring. The bladder is supposed to be very elastic but all the scarring prevents the bladder from expanding to full capacity. Hope that makes sense.
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          Lee Ann
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            How many CC's of water did your bladder hold?


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              I didn't think to ask! I go back to him on Thursday after I've done my bloodwork and CAT Scan. I'll remember to ask then.