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  • Fibroids?

    Went back to the Urologist to have my CAT scan read today. While he was reading it, he said "I found the problelm" He says I have a huge fibroid that is pressing into my bladder. He says I have a very large uterus to begin with and then he showed me the films and pointed out the fibroid, which appears to be covering 1/3 to 1/2 of my bladder.
    Do you all think that the fibroid could be causing my IC symptoms? After I started the IC diet I felt so much better in the bladder area. I have a hard time believing that the fibroid could be causing all these problems. I'd love to hear some opinions.
    Thanks again in advance everyone! You are all SO very helpful to me.

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    Hi Allie - Did he say what you should do about the fibriod? I don't know anything about fibroids, but if it is causing your symptoms and it can be shrunk (or removed), then I would think that would be very good news. If your not sure about this doctors opinion, maybe you could get a second opinion. What does the doctor want you to do next? My CAT scan showed "probable fibriod" so my gyno had me go for a pelvic ultrasound - I guess the pelvic ultrasound is a better test for evaluating fibroids(not sure)? When the gyno called me with the results he just said "yep, it is a fibroid - nothing to worry about". He knew that I was having bladder problems and he did not tie the fibroid to my problems - but now you have me curious - so maybe I will look into it further. Still keeping you in my thoughts...linda
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    Diagnosed with IC on March 12, 2007.
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      I had a huge fibroid that was pressing on my bladder. I had urgency problems and incontinence. So, I had a hysterectomy. I've gotta be honest, the incontenance went away (thank god) but the urgency has not. Although, I want to say it's gotten less often. I have different symptoms now, (pain in my abdomen, and stabbing pain in vagina usually after voiding) but I also have a kidney stone which could be causing my current symptoms.

      I know for me, at 43 years old (at the time) I decided to do the hysterectomy. What I read about fibroids is that they continue to grow until menopause when they start to shrink. So, because I didn't want the growth to continue and cause problems for at least 7 - 10 years, I did it now. No regrets! It was an easy surgery (laproscopic)... my incontenance went away, and I never have periods any more!!!

      If I was closer to 50, I may have waited to see if symptoms would improve.

      I would definately talk to a gyn and decide what to do.
      dx: Spastic Bladder, chronic hematuria (that went away?), kidney stone... possible IC

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        Going to Gyno tomorrow

        I'm going to the gynocologist tomorrow, I'll bring my CAT scan results with me. My Urologist ordered a pelvic exam, which I will have the gynocologist read. I'm hoping he will surgically remove the Fibroid, since it's covering a lot of the bladder.
        I'm hopeful that this is the majority of the problem for me, but I'm still concerned because I see a lot of women in these posts who also had the same problem. I'm still worried because I'm not sure my bladder can bounce back. I too have a frequency problem as well, sometimes I seem to go every 20 minutes, then other times I can wait for 2-3 hours before I need to go. After I go, I have pain that last a few minutes then goes away. It's hard to believe this is all due to a fibroid.
        I'm not a doctor though, so I'll see what he says tomorrow.


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          I have been dealing with severe pelvic pain, frequency and urgency (sometime going to the bathroom every 15 minutes all night long) that has taken over my life for the past two years. I did find out that I have a large fibroid and cervical polyps and I do have a history of miscarriages and ovarian cysts, however, I really feel that I may have I.C. as well. I have been told that a hysterectomy would probably be the best option for my because of my history. I am waiting to see the uroligist for the first time. Has anybody had a hysterectomy that has completly taken away all the bladder problems?
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