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  • Ultram?

    My gynocologist gave me Ultram-er as a pain medication. Has anyone tried this?

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    I took ultram awhile back, but it caused my heart to race so I stopped it. I cant really say if it helped me or not since I only took 1 pill. I remember the urogyne who prescribed it to me said it was to help with the vulva vestibulitis, but not so much the IC. It is worth a try though, maybe it will help you.


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      Ultram is very effective for me. I don't need pain medications full time, but when I do, ultram is my first choice. I become nauseated with pain meds so I take phenergan tablets with the ultram.

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        Hi Donna.
        I also cannot tolerate pain meds in general, I usually end up only being able to take extra strenght tylenol and that usually does not cut it with the pain. I had to stop taking the ultram because it made my heart race. Are there any other pain meds like ultram or should I say not like the typical pain meds out there?I always end up getting the horrid side effects from the pain meds like norcco. I wish there was a pain med I could take that would not make me so sick. I also cannot take any motrin or Ibprofin type meds either due to my stomach issues. Any ideas? Thanks.


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          HI! Ultram gives me severe headaches. I'd read on here that lots of people take it though with out any problem at all. It's another thing you just have to try for yourself. Roxie

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            I take it, but not for IC-only on an as needed basis for fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. When I do take it, I don't notice a difference in my bladder symptoms though.
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              ultram also gives me awful also does nothing for my pain.but like everyone else said,you never know how it effects different people.


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                Ultram was a lifesaver for me.... it really helped me through horrible flares!

                The Ultram "headache" is usually due to withdrawal... i.e., it's meant to be taken ever 4-6hrs so if you don't do that, and skip a dose, you will almost certainly get a headache. Sooooooo what I find best to do, is if I'm only going to take 1 Ultram today, to take headache meds first thing in the morning before the headache even strikes... However, when you're taking Ultram everyday at the same times, then I doubt you'd experience the headache (of course, there are always exceptions!).
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                  i actually got a major headache the first time i took it,and then every other time after that until i decided it wasn't for does work for others though.


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                    The ultram worked pretty well for me at night, but the next morning, I had a "hangover" feeling. Is that what all of you are talking about, headaches? One thing I like about Ultram is that it didn't make me quesy like some of the other pain meds.