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Car Trip through Europe.....

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  • Car Trip through Europe.....

    Dear All,

    to everyone who has done long car trips with IC/Vulvodynia.
    I will be going on a 1.5 months car trip through Europe and wondering how i can prevent to get more pain in my vulva area and bladder? Does a special pillow help?
    Also i have been having weird lower abdominal pain..well more like a pressure...and a stitch on my left side. Does anyone have that? I havent had it before. It started yesterday. And i am suuuuuupppper tired...
    Would love to hear from you....hope to get some good tips....scared that my ic/vulvodynia will get worse from sitting in the car soooo long for sooo many days....
    I dont worry about going to the toilet...bought a camping toilet already

    Cheers...from England....

    Symptoms started November 2005
    Diagnosed with IC in January 2007
    Diagnosed with Vulvodynia 2006
    Medications since July 2007: Gepan Installations now only every 2 months - Amitriptilyn(Elavil) 6 drops at night - Elmiron 200mg/day, Ranitic150 in the morning together with Desloratodine 5mg - Guaifenesin Capsules 300mg (for vulvodynia), Prelief with critical food
    Vitamins/Minerals: Neutra C

    Herbal Tea (Chamomille) 3 cups a day, sit baths with sea salt after sex - Hyalofemme Gel before sex - Multi GynActi Gel after sex - Macrobid 50mg after sex