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Can it still be IC ?

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  • Can it still be IC ?

    I was diagnosed with Endo last June after many years of unexplained pains. Mainly lower left Quadrant pain (always exactly same spot) After several treatments for Endo, my pains sometimes seem better but never go away. So I was sent to Uro for evaluation. After in office cystoscopy, he said my bladder was inflammed and had ulcers. He mentioned IC. (Brief history, I seem to have alot of inflammation issues, chronis sinusitus, chronic inflammation of gallbladder (removed) and my doctor seems to think I have Fibro) Finally I was put on Elmiron and prosed. About 6 weeks later, a biopsy, cystocopy and hydrodistension sp?? was done and he said there was no sign of inflammation (IC) in the deep bladder wall. He seems a little unsure if I really have IC or not. (I am 2 1/2 weeks post op from the biopsy -- the first 2 weeks I had extreme pain -- I finally have some releif from the pain day 4 now with relief -- pain is not completely gone but better) I still have a problem with frequency. Anyways, he is keeping me on the Elmiron and added Diropan XL -- said he wasn't sure if I should continue to take prosed with the Diropan XL. Anyone taking both ? I am not sure if I should be concerned with this doctor. My nature is not to trust any of them since it has taken almost 10 years for the endo diagnosis. Any thought on if this is IC or not ? Anyone else have it in bladder liner but not deep in bladder wall ?

    Thanks for any input !

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    Not sure..

    But if you read some of the interviews at the guest lecture part of this site, you might find an answer! There is a wealth of information there! I hope you are feeling better soon and that you keep working to get the answers you need.