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Talk to me about cloudy urine...

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  • Talk to me about cloudy urine...

    Hello Angels,

    I am nervous. Just went potty and my urine was VERY cloudy. hasn't been that way in ages. I DID just start taking Elmiron over the weekend. Could this be a side affect?

    Or is this just part of IC? I had a DMSO yesterday also.

    Also had a culture last Friday which was infection.

    Any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated!

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    The Elmiron didn't make my urine cloudy, but the DMSO didn't either in my case. Even though you didn't have an infection last Friday you could have gotten one from the cath and the DMSO. I would probably call the dr's office if it was me and see what they think.

    I have been diagnoised for 6 1/2 years now. I have taken a long break from the ICN but really miss helping out my fellow IC patients and want to get back into posting.
    1st hydro 4/07 showed no visible signs of IC but tons of mast cells in all my biopsy samples which did prove IC.
    2nd hydro 4/13/09 showed dark purple glomerulations and I had a capacity of 450 cc's. This hydro proved that my IC had progressed.
    I have tried every oral medication as well as rescue instills and DMSO.

    I have been lucky enough to see Dr Hanno, the top IC specialist in PA who has told me due to the fact that I have not responded to any "standard" treatments that I have a severe, end stage case of IC with a horrible quality of life (didn't have to tell me that last part!)

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      I agree... a call to the doctor's office is in order here. You need to drop off a urine sample; cloudy urine is usually a sign of infection. GriffsMommy is right. Even though you did not have an infection before, it is not uncommon to develop one after being catheterized.

      If you do have an infection, you may want to ask your doc if you could take a single antibiotic pill after each instill. This is what I've done and it really helps.


      *Diagnosed with severe IC in 2004
      *Also diagnosed with PFD, fibromyalgia, chronic myofascial pain, IBS, migraines, allergies/asthma, dermatographism
      *Kept trying a million different treatments for all these things until I found what works, and I am doing okay these days with the help of a cocktail of medications and the InterStim, which was first placed in 2007. [I have had 2 revisions - one in 2010 when my battery died and had to be replaced, and one complete replacement (lead and generator) in 2012 after a fall on my stairs caused my lead to move.]
      *Current meds include Atarax (50mg at night), Lyrica (150mg twice a day), Xanax (0.5mg at night and as needed), Zanaflex (4mg at night), hydrocodone (10/325, every 6 hours as needed), Advair, Nasonex, Singulair (10mg at night), oral contraceptives, home instills containing Elmiron and Marcaine (as often as I need to do them).

      **I am not a medical authority nor do I offer definitive medical advice. I strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.


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        I agree with jen and griffs. However, the cloudiness can also be vaginal cells. Better to be safe than sorry. Hope this helps,

        IC diagnosed officially via cysto/urodynamics 1/26/07

        Grade II Endometriosis diagnosed via lap 12/11/07

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          Cloudy urine could also be a symptom of dehydration or it could be protein spilling into the urine. I've never had DMSO treatments so I can't comment on that, but if it continues I'd definately at least call the doctor. In the meantime you might try increasing your fluid intake and see if that solves the problem.

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          Total Abdominal Hysterectomy--adenomyosis--9\08

          04/17/09 Crohn's disease almost killed me with a combo of extreme constipation from pain medications. My bowel ruptured, I almost died from peritonitis and spent several days in the ICU then more in a private room on the floor. If you have any questions about severe constipation from pain meds please don't hesitate to send me a message.