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OK...ready to give in to those smarter than me

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  • OK...ready to give in to those smarter than me

    After reading some posts and especially starting to "view IC as an injury"...that finally made me open my eyes...the diet starts tomorrow...

    Absolutely think that I will screw this up but ready to give it a try...first a few questions:

    1. If I go on this 'diet' and stick to 'good stuff' will my bladder 'heal itself' possibly? Meaning that one's it's healed could I be 'cured' to a point? (I know, just wishful thinking right?)

    2. do some people find that maybe only one or two foods 'sets them off'? I am really holding out some kind of hope that this would be the case

    3. If I slip up, how soon after would I really know if the food effected me? Like if I eat something one night and the next night I have pain..would this be too far apart to be considered cause/effect?

    So here are the items that I think will be my toughest to overcome:
    1. Coffee
    2. Tomato (LOVE Tomato, juice, sauce, etc)
    3. Wine (Just got 3 nice bottles for Christmas)

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    You need a very good urologist to start a treatment plan. Stick with the IC diet. Coffee, juice, chocolate is a nightmare to your bladder. Most icers find that sticking to the ic diet helps calm there bladder. Sorry to say there is no cure for ic yet. Everyone is different and that is why some icers may be able to eat more of the no no foods. IC can be anywhere from mild to severe pain.
    Did your doctor tell you if you have mild, moderate or severe IC. You can get alot of info here but also you can research alot on the net. I wish you the best and pray for a miracle cure. If you eat a bad food you will no it in the next day or two.
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      1. The diet will not cure IC. But it could help you feel better, which makes it worthwhile.
      2. Not everyone reacts to the same foods --- it's possible to have only a few really bad trigger foods.
      3. It can take me as little as a half hour to flare if it's a liquid; and up to a day or two for solid foods.

      I used to be totally addicted to V-8 juice, but I haven't had any for many years now. It was hard to give it up, but I didn't like the pain it caused.

      Stay safe

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        Could it be placebo effect?

        OK - So been on 'bland' diet basically for 3 days now and feeling extremely better...could it just be good timing? The extremely better actually is part of the story I guess...

        My IC symptoms have been drastically reduced (even stayed up to ring in the New Year with no late night symptoms..which is not usually how staying up works out for me!)

        However, weird thing is I feel extremely tired and my muscles you think there is a cause/effect or just coincidence? Anyone else go through this?


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          OMG Rebel, tomatoes! Hardly anyone can tolerate them. We ate tomatoes every day before this thing. Oh well...Glad you have started the diet, it is trial and error, and you will know. Just go gradually, and have found that when Bob feels good one day, he goes overboard and the pain cycle begins again. Many suggestions on here, look at the recipes, etc. Good luck to you. Jill, wife of Bob