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Hoping not to get worse while waiting to getting better...

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  • Hoping not to get worse while waiting to getting better...

    I have been symptomatic for about 4 months now. 2 months on elmiron and vesicare. Pain and burning is definately better than a couple of months ago, but frequency is worse. I think the diet is responsible for improvement, since i understand elmiron takes awhile.

    Can I expect my symptoms to continue to worsen before they improve, or is frequency going to take longer to relieve?

    I have a good urologist, but am concerned about how menopause will factor into this equation (I'm 50) so I have made an appt with a URO-GYN specializing in female pelvic pain.

    Also, do any of you find that rainy weather induces flares or swelling?

    Thanks for posting!

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    There are several options your uro can add for frequency, which I also have. Hydroxyzine, amitriptyline, or you can try other OAB drugs if the vesicare isn't helping the frequency like sanctura.

    I was 51 when my IC started in 2008. I needed vaginal estrogen at the same time. I think that helped me as well. Your uro-gyn can tell from a pevic exam whether you need something like that.

    But most important, welcome. This website was a lifesaver for me. The education & support here are amazing. Sounds like you have a good dr. & are on top of things. Best of luck!