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  • Feeling yucky....

    I was diagnosed in November 2010. I went on the IC diet and had relief from burning and itching in about a month. I had pain,, but frequency wasn't that bad.

    I thought I was heading in the right direction,then came my last ovulation and premenstrual few days, and i had a lot more frequency. I was looking forward to mentruation since the last one was avery good week.

    Unfortunately, this one is not. I just got my period today., I am having less frequency but burning in my urethra, and a very heavy flow. Thankfully, after I urinate, it does almost immediately stop. I have been very swollen for the last 2 weeks, but I feel less swollen today.

    I understood that IC was not generally progressive, so I am worried about the burning again, and feeling so lousy the last 2 weeks.

    I have an appt with a urogyn next week, and my uro in 2 weeks. I am still considering instills but afraid of the urethral burning. Any sugestions? i do not have an infection.

    Thank you!

    Elmiron 2X daily since 11-19-10
    Vesicare 5 Mg since 11/01
    hydrozymine for 2 days

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    Hi Sherry,
    IC is only progressive in a very small number of patients. Different pain or burning doesn't mean it is getting worse, it could just be another symptom of IC rearing it's ugly head. It could be you are having a flare related to your period, from the hormone change. I know a lot of other women on here say they have increased problems with their period. I take my birth control straight through for four months without a period to keep that from happening with me, it usually works for me. Itching isn't usually a symptom of IC, burning is though.
    You can try a few different things, sometimes the burning comes from our urine being to acidic. Some people try a half teaspoon of baking soda in some water and drink that, it does help but really taste bad! Also don't do that if you have high blood pressure or can't have too much salt. The other thing to try is 3 or 4 tums, they will help lessen the acidity. YOu can try a warm bath with some baking soda in the water, that will help with any irritation you might have, and help soothe your urethra.
    If you have problems with urethral burning with instills ask them to give you some lidocaine that you can use to numb your urethra before you do an instill. Also use the smallest catheter you can, most of us use an 8 fr, which is very small and doesn't cause problems.
    Be sure you are drinking plenty of water. Look back over what you ate recently maybe something had a hidden ingredient that caused you to flare. It could be hormones also. I hope you start to feel better soon.
    Link to the patient information, everything from What is IC? to Disability

    American Urological Association Clinical Guideline
    Diagnosis and Treatment of Intersitial Cysitis/Painful Bladder Syndrom


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      Feeling yucky

      Thanks so much for your post. I still can't get my arms around having a chronic disease...but I know I'll feel better at some point!


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        In conjunction with the IC diet, Elmiron, BCP, and Prelief with every meal, I also added the CystoProtek. I can definitely see improvements.

        If your symptoms persist, you may want to try the CystoProtek.

        Have the best day you possibly can

        Praying for the cure