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    Newly diagnosed. No relief in 6 months, going crazy. Meds ur gave me do not work and i am losing med insurance next month. Just ordered some Cysta Q online. Been on the IC Diet but it is difficult. Can someone tell me what they eat for Breakfast (i really have a hard time with this) and dinner. Ive been eating chicken beef with a potatoe or pasta or rice and maybe a vegetable. No spices or sauces or condiments. Very plain. But i really have a hard time with breakfast. I would appreciate any responses. Thank you so much. j

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    This morning I had two eggs over easy and a slice of cinnamon toast with margarine. I usually just have cereal.

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      For breakfast I usually have cereal, I can eat cheerios, bran flakes and a number of others. For supper you can do what you are doing check the ic diet there are a number of spices that are usually ok for us to eat. I can also eat gala apples and they sell them in three pound bags at Aldi for a good price. We have been experimenting with making a "baked" apple or apple slices in the microwave using lt brown sugar. They have turned out pretty good, we need to get the recipe a little better, but I am out of apples now. They are good for my sweet tooth.
      Hope this helps.
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        We all know it is rough to be on a IC diet but we really have no choice. Has your uro talk to you about DMSO or Rescue Treatments? I hope you find relief soon.
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          I eat eggs everyday with avocado and mozzarella. Sometimes I eat nitrate free bacon. I love cinnamon like Donna mentioned but it makes my bladder hurt.
          Bagels with cream cheese, or peanut butter, cheese sticks.

          Sandra We do the sliced apples in the microwave too, my kids have always loved it. An old favorite of theirs is applesauce pancakes with "hot apples" they call them.
          Have also figured out how to make perfect applesauce in the crockpot that we all love. Its best with granny smith but gala's will work! Basically just sliced and peeled apples, (as many as can fit, about 10 usually) about 1/3 cup water and 1/2 to 1 cup sugar or splenda (if you can handle it). About four hours later, perfect slightly chunky applesauce. Yum.
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            I understand exactly how you feel! Check out the recipe section. Great ideas can be found!

            I found so many great ideas. For breakfast I usually will have a bowl of Honey'd Corn Flakes or Hormel nitrite free bacon and eggs, hashbrowns, grits, or cheese toast. Also, a quickie breakfast for me is blueberry bars and mile.

            Lunch and Dinner are endless. But when I first got started, I thought that I had fallen in the black hole never to return to decent eating. But over time, my love for cooking has skyrocketed.

            Hang in there and have the best day you possibly can.

            Praying for the cure


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              My breakfasts: Erewhon brown rice cereal with FF lactaid milk, Kashi Autumn Wheat cereal w/ FF lactaid, scrambled eggs w/ monteray jack or american cheese, Bisquick pancakes w/ pure maple syrup, cottage cheese w/ canned pears, Eggo waffle w/ organic natural peanut butter or pure maple syrup, instant organic oatmeal w/ either maple syrup or cashews & chopped dates. Also you can have a hard boiled egg, pears, honeydew melon, hashbrown potatoes, blueberry muffin, omelet with vegies & cheese, string cheese. Check out old posts too.


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                Web site links

                Try these links for ideas for menus and recipes. I am also newly diagnosed and am waiting to see if the meds and diet work. I am following the diet to the letter. The hardest part is not being able to go out and eat with friends and family. Too many unknowns in what a restaurant adds to their food.
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                  I have cereal, hot or cold, eggs, waffles, etc. What is it that you used to eat that you can't eat now and are missing?

                  For me, breakfast was the easiest to manage. I'm having the same trouble with dinner. Plain, and blah usually.
                  -I follow the IC diet to the letter
                  -acupuncture and chinese herbs
                  -instillations as needed
                  -beginning yoga and specialized yoga for breathing and relaxation

                  main symptoms: pain and burning


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                    Breakfast should be one of the easier meals, natural cereals, oatmeal, omelettes, soft boiled eggs with whole grain toast, maybe a pear. We often eat breakfast for dinner. All depends on your dietary restrictions with other conditions, but eggs not cooked in butter are highly nutritious and only carry about 90 calories each.

                    We are religious about eggs, hard boiled sandwiches with lettuce, soft boiled, scrambled or oms with tolerable vegetables and cheese, or just plain old bladder friendly natural cold cereal, this is the stuff we could eat all day (with a salad thrown in there somewhere of course). Eggs bad reputation is so not true as long as they are not cooked in butter. Just try to keep your diet balanced most days and your AM appetite may improve. Mornings are hectic.

                    Another suggestion is bread pudding. Make it up the night before with good healthy whole grain leftover bread, let it soak all night and pop it in the oven in the AM. It's ready within an hour and is full of nutrition. Hope you find something on the site that appeals to you, there really are many options. Jill, wife of Bob


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                      Thanks everyone for the tips on eating......i am off to the grocery store with your suggestions. I do have a question about butter.....why cant you eat your eggs cooked in butter? Is butter completey out of the question all together? I hate the idea of eating margarine, full of junk. God Bless....j


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                        I eat butter with no problems, or I use Smart Balance which is heart healthy with omega 3s and tastes great. I don't use regular margarine either.
                        -I follow the IC diet to the letter
                        -acupuncture and chinese herbs
                        -instillations as needed
                        -beginning yoga and specialized yoga for breathing and relaxation

                        main symptoms: pain and burning


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                          I eat butter!!! I used to say about those Healthy Choice frozen dinners (can't have em anymore but...) that they were pretty good, all you had to do was add a little butter and salt, lol!!

                          I have no problem at all with butter or Country Crock margarine!! Good luck at the grocery!!!
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                          Percocet-7.5 up to 3 per day as needed
                          Valium-10 mg x2 per day
                          Phenergan-1 at night
                          Prelief w/everything
                          Now recovering from acute pancreatitis

                          Currents treatments that help somewhat:
                          Heating pad
                          Hot baths
                          Being VERY still while lying down with legs elevated


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                            Do you like almond butter?? That can be good on toast or a bagel.
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                              More breakfast options

                              When I was diagnosed 4 years ago, I think I cried the most over the dietary changes. However, over time, I have adjusted and learned what I can have and I've searched high and low for recipes to make flavorful meals.

                              Breakfast: organic granola, eggs and toast, pancakes, homemade blueberry waffles (only pure maple syrup), Kashi Vanilla Island or Autumn Harvest cereal, and I used to hate it is a favorite comfort food (quick minute oatmeal mircrowaved with mild and then I add 2 tsp brown sugar and blueberries).

                              I know it totally stinks...but over time you WILL feel better and you will broaden your diet. When I had a few spare minutes, I'd surf recipe sites (in addition to this site) for recipes. I bought a binder and have it overstuffed with recipes I've found that are safe for me to eat and are also yummy meals for my family. Good luck! Stay positive...better days are ahead! I never thought in my early days of IC that I would be able to say that...but I can and you need to believe it!!!!! Most important is....abide by the is the BEST way to heal your bladder!