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    One of the best adjustments I made was trying new foods or preparing old foods in new ways. There are lots of interesting esoteric vegetables out there that many people just ignore. Lots of different veggies can be roasted in the oven with olive oil, salt and thyme or rosemary; often far tastier than boiling or steaming. Try roasting carrots, asparagus, cauliflower, onions, portabella mushrooms, bell peppers (not necessarily together!). If you have never eaten raddichio or fennel or broccoli rabe or celeriac try them!

    I admit that there are still foods I can't eat that make my mouth water, but some I no longer miss at all. I've lost my taste for cranberry relish, orange juice or half a grapefruit, and for red wine as well. I can cheat a little when it comes to salad dressing, but most dressings now taste too acidic to me.

    It sucks, but I kept my goal in mind: to be able to sit through a two-hour movie. Diet is the least invasive way to be good to your bladder. And remember, things can and do change. I am eating lots of foods now that I completely stopped eating for two years.


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        Can we eat broccoli rabe?


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          Broccoli is on the bladder friendly list.

          Stay safe

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            My main breakfasts that I have found is Fresh bananas are ok with me if organic so i do that or oat meal, with pears, or blueberries, or maple, or something nice.... good luck.
            ~Backwoods gurl
            22 year old Female just trying to feel a little "better" each day!
            Diaganosed with IC possibly in July 11-
            Actually diaganosed with it in September 11
            Frequency- 15-20x's a day
            Flares- More of a constant at this point but when not its normal to last 2-3 hours and maybe 7-8 times a day...
            Good days are short frequencys and maybe 3-5 flares- but rare.
            What im currently taking:
            Half of the normals what is below is current while I wait to start the LIRIS study! I hope and pray to God, that this may work. I want relief.
            elmiron 100mg 3x's a day
            Tramadol 4x's a day
            hydroxyzine- when needed to sleep
            Methenamine Hippurate 1gm 2x's a day( I keep getting infections so this is to help)
            Tri- Nessa Birth controll pills
            Pryidum three times a day for one or two days then not for 3 or 4 days at all.
            Strict IC diet... I am diet senitive.
            Heating pad/ blankets
            Hot baths... Normally every night and showers in am
            frozen peas for a ice pack - will be doing often cuz it helps!
            Having a supportive medical assistant/CNA/Restorative Aid For a mother really helps! and a supportive group of friends and family whom care!