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Instillations and urethral discomfort

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  • Instillations and urethral discomfort

    I am trying to decide whether to start instillations. My biggest problem is frequency. I'm taking elmiron for almost 90 days now, and may be seeing some reduction in pain. Hydrozyzine which I started a couple of weeks ago seems to be helping me with swelling...

    I'm afaid of the instillations because my urethra is so sensitive. I had a lot burning when I was first diagnosed...My Urogyn prescribed a compounded cream with amitriptiiyne and thankfully, I used a only a small amount to test it. About 30 minutes later, boy was I burning..

    So, what is the biggest benefit of instillations? I'd like to get a reduction in frequency, but I know the catheter is going to be a problem...

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    almost same boat

    I have been on the right amount of elmiron for about 5 months now. No noticeable difference. I just started instillations myself. only been 2 times. My main problem is frequency as well. The 1st 2 instillations gave me relief for 24 hrs or so. My main problem is frequency and urgency and doc says i have to do instillations twice a week to notice cumulative efffect. Im a male so catheter isnt fun but im gonna keep trying. if this doesnt work its either interstim or stay suffering. hope they work for you


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      If you decide to try instillations, I suggest you ask that they use a pediatric catheter. Also be sure they use an analgesic on the catheter so it won't hurt going in. Instills do help lots of folks.

      Stay safe

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        Yes, I agree with Donna they can use a real small cat.
        the DMSO helps coat and heal the bladder and somes instills have a numbing agent in them. They work well for me if you have a good nurse you hardly even notice being cath.
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