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Confused about what treatment path to take Natural/Conventional

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  • Confused about what treatment path to take Natural/Conventional

    Hi all,

    I'm not not brand new but I did not know where else to put this. I was diagnosed with IC through a hydro in December and since then have been prescribed elmiron and atarax but have been afraid to take them because of all the side effects. I've been watching my diet and taking uribel (simular to prosed and urelle) which have both greatly decreased my discomfort. I still do flare about twice a month.

    After my diagnosis I went to a doctor who practices both natural and conventional medicine who had me start cystoprotek and probiotics to see if they made a difference before we started atarax and elmiron. After starting the natural remedies I've been noticing quite a bit more frequency and some pain, 2 things that were generally under control before. My uro doesn't believe in natural remedies and my other doctor is hesitant to try elmiron etc. I'm super confused and need help. I'm afraid that if I don't do anything that things will get worse and I will be beyond help. Any advice?

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    It's important to remember that "natural" remedies can have side effects too. And if you do have side effects from a medication, they usually stop when the medication is stopped. If the natural ones are causing a problem for you, you might want to consider going the other direction.

    Stay safe

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      I can see how some get scared reading about others experiences in regards to Elmirion. I personally had zero side effects. My 6 year old daughter was also on it for a period of time with no side effects. We are all so different. In my opinion, even if you were to be one of the unfortunate ones to have to quit it due to bad side effects, at least you would have tried it and know for sure that it doesn't agree with you.:-) I've also read other people talk about how they avoided a certain medicine for a long time out of fear of such side effects and then later have regretted it because it helped them so much when they finally did try it. Just my two cents-I do hear you on trying natural remedies first though. I like the more natural meds over synthetic ones too whenever possible:-)

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        I had more pain taking cystoprotek and Fem-Dophilus .


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          Make an appt with your natural doctor and have a talk. Of course all of us would love to see a natural remedy for symptoms, but sometimes it just doesn't work that way. No one on here can tell you what will and will not work for you. That is something you need to speak with both docs about. Elmiron has side effects for a few, but not too many. There are a hundred different things to try, it takes time and patience, and don't think anyone here has gotten "instant" relief from any one thing. Wish you luck on your journey, never get discouraged, you will find an answer. Jill, wife of Bob