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  • Ic with neuropathy

    Does anyone out there have ic along with a diagnosis of neuropathy? My physicians state i am a unique case because i literally got ic overnight. Never had one single bladder issue ever. Just got up one morning in horrific pain. Also, has anyone been successful going on disability with the ic diagnosis?

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    I recently went to an infectious disease doctor, and what we came up with is that my genital herpes, along with back problems might have stirred up the nerves in my back, the ones that deal with bladder control, and may have some mixed signals.

    The scary part is that she was not sure if I will ever get rid of these symptoms. (Constant urge to pee...)

    I'll keep you posted.

    Good luck to you, too.

    I'm thinking of seeing a neurologist next.


    Current medication: Soul-searching

    Vitamin D and B, Green smoothies, infrared sauna use, walking, cleansing, still seeking doctors to help find THE CAUSE of this--autoimmune or infection.


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      I had a major back operation a few years back which didn't do anything for the radicular symptoms in my legs. My future is looking at another back surgery. I had a huge herniation that should have left me in a wheelchair or incontinent. I think my problems started after this back problem but I ignored it until the last 6 months it just got bad. They think the back pain that I continue to get on and off is the IC not the back problem. I didn't tolerate Neurontin. I ended up sleeping for 14 hrs and was drugged for the rest of the day. I was too scared to try the Lyrica since I'm sensitive to meds. I saw on the forum site there is a section on disability. It sounds like it's hard to get. I'm hoping I can continue to work part time since I'll go nuts in the house. I'm lucky that everyone is okay with me peeing every hour. But I'm exhausted at the end of the day from stress at work, feeling crappy with my bladder, and the effects from the meds. I hope you find answers and good luck!!



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        I also "got" IC overnight. I think that there are quite a few other's that have had their IC appear suddenly as well. Maybe your Dr hasn't seen many people that have had their IC start that way. I have had maybe 3 uti's in my life, one kidney infection years ago and that was it. I do know now that looking back there were other possible signs of IC, like I had complained of pressure and low pelvic pain coming and going over the years. Strangely though that symptom had long been gone when I woke up with IC pain one day.

        IC is not a recognized cause of disability, there is a ruling on IC that it can be disabling and that it should be looked at case by case. IC can cause a lot of other problems for sufferers such as depression.

        This is the link to the disabilty section of the ICN, there you will find a lot of info that should answer most of your questions regarding IC and disability.

        Link to the patient information, everything from What is IC? to Disability

        American Urological Association Clinical Guideline
        Diagnosis and Treatment of Intersitial Cysitis/Painful Bladder Syndrom


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          I never had any problems with my bladder, I never got spasms or had a UTI until the day I couldn't urinate because of the severe pain.