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    My name is Cris. I'm 24 years old, and I live in Pennsylvania. I've had IC for nearly three years, although I wasn't formally diagnosed until last month. I currently take Oxybutynin and Elmiron for IC. I've also modified my diet to be IC-friendly. I am very glad that I have found this forum. Any suggestions on how to cope with the IC are welcome. Thank you!

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    Hi Cris. I am in my 20's as well so i understand what its like to be so young and stare down a lifetime of chronic pain. Are you male or female? I have some great diet tips for PBS and have found acupuncture amazingly helpful during flare up's. Attending a chronic pain management clinic has alos helped me manage my life from all sides- family, work, sex, diet, exercise, pscyhologically etc and I would highly recommend finding one near you. Im in australia and there is little support around for PBS. In fact not many people (including doctors) have even heard of it!
    I find that I have a stretching program that i do 3 times a day- its time consuming but i function so much better when i do it so its worth it.
    I gave up alcohol and cigarettes too- which has helped no end.
    I'll think of other things im sure down the track but good luck with it all.


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      I think it's great that you are following an IC diet. The latest food list is at the link in my signature below. It's printable and a huge help to me --- even after 36 years with IC I still consult the list if I'm looking at a new recipe or looking for something different.

      Warm welcoming hugs,
      Stay safe

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        Newly Diagnosed

        Thanks for your replies. I'm female.