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  • Pain!

    Is it just me or do others have pain that favors a certain side. Almost all of my severe pain in on the left side. I feel like my bladder is slightly off center according to the pain. I went to my first Physical therapy appt this week and hope that it's gonna help.

    I am still working to try and master at-home instillations - whew! No fun!

    Any ideas or suggestion let me know.

    I am not questions my diagnosis of IC as my bladder was definately inflammed when I had the cystoscopy and I have most of the other symptoms. Just seems weird that the pain and spasms are always a little to the left.

    Hope everyone is having a pain-free day. Happy Easter.

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    Mine are mostly right sided, so go figure we are all different

    My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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      Thanks, also does anyone have any suggestions for IC friendly coffee. I am decaf but they want me to make sure low acid - where in the world do you find that and does it taste good. I miss my regular coffee so much. I feel water-logged.

      I know I have alot of questions but I am trying to figure all this out. I never had pain when I went to the bathroom - well rarely. Most of my symptoms were urgency and pain if I held it and pain in my pelvic area and spasms. All of my urine specs came back normal. I did feel like I had a UTI a few times after an instillation. Thanks for everyone's help. Still new and confused


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        Puroast makes a low acid coffee and I think they also make a decaf low acid.. Check the ICN store here - I think you may be able to order them here. I also found out that if you make a cold pressed coffee from beans it takes out the acid. I know people who do this at home with coffee beans.


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          Puroast Decaf Columbian Roast Fine Grind

          I'm about to order my second bag of Puroast low-acid decaf. Hasn't caused any problems, and after not drinking coffee for a couple of months, it tastes great. I buy the fine grind option and use a the one-cup Melitta. It's great! I bought it directly from their website.