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Random question... rollercoasters??

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  • Random question... rollercoasters??

    LMAO. I really had no idea where to put this question.

    I can't believe I even feel well enough to ask this, but... what has everyone's experience been with amusement parks, most specifically rollercoasters? I kind of feel like it sounds like a bad idea. Does the jostling hurt the bladder? One of our favorite things to do in the summer is go to amusement parks. I would be kind of bummed to not be able to go on any rides.

    Thanks in advance!
    Symtoms started July 2010.
    Severe pelvic floor pain only.

    2 time PT graduate!
    In medical remission since August 2011; able to eat and drink anything I want currently.

    IC meds:
    200 mg Elmiron in the morning
    100 mg Elmiron @ night
    Macrobid after intercourse

    03/11 07/11 01/12
    If at first you don't succeed: 07/26/2013!

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    Not a crazy question! I've been to Disneyland twice since being diagnosed and am going again in June. The first trip, I was worried, but I did just fine. The funny thing though. I thought my IC came on out of the blue but thinking back, I think I had symptoms. At DL, my daughter would laugh at me because I often had to stop at the bathroom after every ride. It was probably the IC acting up because my bladder was jostled. Now that I've been on elmiron, I don't have to go so frequently. However, the older I get, the more nauseas I get. My bladder is fine, but my head can only handle so much.