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Diagnosed in Jan 2011

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  • Diagnosed in Jan 2011

    It finally has a name!! But I am sure I have suffered from IC for many years. I am taking the meds doing the diet and now into the bladder treatments and I am no fact the pain is worse!! I am so down because of this. I know I have not been in treatment long but have suffered LONG.
    I am a 63 years old female who has always been active and stay very busy. This has pretty well taken over my life. My husband does not have a clue nor does anyone else seem to. In fact I am about to change Doctors.....I think his office is so used to seeing this that they run you through like cattle!! I go for treatments and it is so rushed and nothing I say is heard. Since January I have seen the Doctor 2 times. Other times it is the NP or the nurse for the treatments....This has also been a very expensive ordeal!!! Seems my insurance does not see this as much of a disease....I have had lots of out of pocket expense. Is this happening with others? I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield.
    Four years ago my sister was diagnosed with IC. After one year the inter stem was implanted in her bladder and she has not had any more problems. Guess you know by now I am not a happy person and until I C I was!!!!

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    If the treatment plan you have been on all this time has not helped.

    You and your URO need to find a different treatment plan.

    If your URO refuses, you need to find another URO.

    I have at this time BC/BS federal my co-pay is only 30 dollars to see the URO.

    My instills are completely covered by my plan, maybe different states have diferent rules on thier insurance policies.

    I too recently found out my cousin and aunt both have IC, it makes you wonder if its hereditary.

    I hope everything works out for you real soon, and you can get on the right treatment plan.

    Let us know how things turn out for you, this is an excellent forum for informnation and understanding.
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      Thank you Linda...I think you are right and my Uro did say he sees this in families. I go back tomorrow for a treatment and I am going to make an appt with him...I don't want and can't spend the rest of my life in this kind of pain. Thanks for the information. My ins. is also federal and Blue cross/blue shield. My husband was with the FBI for 34 years. I have not been billed for the treatments guess we will see. Thanks for talking.


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        I feel the same way. Nobody understands the condition when I describe it. My husband is more patient now, he has done a lot of research. But at work, I am like a leper. As far as being treated like cattle, I would look for another doc. I have tried 2, didn't love either one, but went with the one who was moving the fastest, which is still not fast enough for me with the pain I am in.
        Best of luck to you.


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          I went to see my endo yesterday and she had no clue what IC is. The PA said "that's not so bad" when I said I had IC. The doc referred to infection and I corrected her and told her there is no infection, it is inflammation. This is very disheartening. She is trying to figure out why my blood sugar has increased recently. Well duh. I was just diagnosed last week. Having diabetes and IC is no picnic.


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            I hope you are able to quickly get an appointment with your uro. There are lots of treatment options available. I know it can seem like forever when you're in pain, but most of us do find treatment options that help.

            If you don't feel comfortable with your current doctor, I suggest at least getting a second opinion.

            I hope you feel better soon.

            Warm hugs,
            Stay safe

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