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    I met a women today at work who has diagnosed IC for over ten years. She says her pain is in remission but she still uses the restroom constantly. I have this unrelenting feeling of irritation(not so much burning just irritated) I can tell the difference between a normal gotta go feeling and this irritation in the urethra. I'm scared that there is no answer for me. Has anyone out there been able to feel normal in between times of symptoms. Daily symptoms for the rest of my life have me terrified.
    I've tried the diet no change after about a month
    I was on Elmiron for a month but had horrible bowel feeling
    I was in PT for about two months and it seemed to be helping but I was the first male my PT had treated she felt that I had terrible trigger points, but she couldn't work them out.
    I have tried the ankle nuro stim but no change after nine treatments
    The irritation is my only lingering complaint and it seems to cause my frequency. Has anyone else experienced something similiar?

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    My IC was diagnosed in 1975 and I feel good most of the time. I do urinate more frequently than someone with a healthy bladder.

    One thing you might try is to keep a diary for a few weeks, noting everything that goes in your mouth, activity levels, frequency, showing time of day. Sometimes it's possible to find triggers that way.

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      Maybe you could try a different PT- one who has had more experience with males who have this problem. Experienced pt's in pelvic floor muscles and bladder problems are hard to find but I think that this type of therapy is getting to be more popular so hopefully there will be more pts trained. I have had the same feelings of irritation with frequency. When the irritation was not there the frequency would go back to normal. I had completely normal days with normal frequency and then days with irritation and frequency. It always puzzled me how something could change so quickly from day to day. A lot of it has to do with diet though. Stopping the caffeinated coffee, alcohol, and citrus helped quite a bit.