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Seeing new doc tomorrow.. HELP

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  • Seeing new doc tomorrow.. HELP

    I'm Jenna, I'm 24, pregnant, divorced and diagnosed with IC in 2009. My condition has been poorly managed and I have suffered alot from it. This is my story as of now...

    I was seeing a urologist back home (Washington), and then my divorce hit and I was forced to move to Idaho to live with my parents, and am starting over medically here too.. not to mention 3 days after I got here I found out I was pregnant. 5 months later I am 23 weeks pregnant with a boy! still living with my parents and in horrific pain because my OB refused to treat me for my IC. My UroGyn treated my IC with Elimiron, Gabapentin, Zyrtec, Prelief, Percocet, and valium, and Detrol LA, and pyridium We had discussed when I first started seeing him what medications I could stay on in the event that I did get pregnant and he told me I could stay on the Elimiron and Percocet for sure but we would discuss the others later. Now. Tomorrow I am seeing a new Uro here in Idaho that my NEW OB referred me to (switched OB's cuz the other one really didnt care about me or anything) and since it took so long for me to get diagnosed and start getting relief I am feeling really nervous about seeing this new guy.. I know it takes a long time to establish yourself with your doctors and get comfortable (since IC is embarrassing enough) I am afraid that because I am pregnant he will just write me off and decide not to treat me.. how do you suppose I approach this first visit? I would really just love to find another regimen to work for the rest of my pregnancy until I can get back on my normal medications. I stick to my IC diet and I have Gallstones so everything I eat is limited to begin with. Any advice will help!



    Also I have gone through it all and realized that the elimiron does not work, neither does the detrol LA.

    Things have have worked lovingly are Gabapentin, Valium, Percocet, Prelief, and Celexa(for depression)

    I'm Jenna!
    Diagnosed with IC Late 2009.
    Suspected Fibromyalgia/IBS
    Diagnosed with Severe Anxiety/PTSD 2008

    Pregnant with #1 ((Aidan)) Due September 18th, 2011
    2 furbabies Olly , and Pretty

    Pregnancy Meds:
    Prelief (as often as needed)
    Elmiron 100mg 3x a day
    Vistiril 25-50 mgs at night
    Celexa 10mg in the AM
    Tylenol 625mgs as needed
    Percocet (when they let me have it)
    Ice packs, Heat packs
    Sitz baths
    IC diet

    Don't work:
    Ditropan, Detrol LA, Instills, Biofeedback.

    Praying for a cure