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After Elmiron and rescue flush Rx, what next?

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  • After Elmiron and rescue flush Rx, what next?

    So rescue flush tx was intolerable for me and Elmiron is helping but still getting flare ups that are uncomfortable, seeing dr again in a month, what is usually the next step? Today I had to use the restroom due to urgency 14 times in an 8 hr shift, I halfheartedly have suggested putting a port-a-potty in my office as I feel bad hogging the women's restroom!

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    How long have you been taking elmiron? It can take six months or longer to become effective. There are many treatment options out there --- you and your doctor will hopefully find the one that helps you most.

    Stay safe

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      Elmiron only 2 months

      So I know, I need to be patient, and maybe I'll try the low acid coffee I have heard about as coffee is the one thing I struggle not to drink at all that definitely isn't helping matters, when I get up so many times to pee overnight I end up tired in the am that caffeine becomes vital to make it through the work day, I know, it's probably self sabotaging behavior


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        Hello, I had a rescue instill yesterday and am sorry to say the pain is now coming back (although not as bad). I've also been diagnosed with PFD, I will be starting therapy as as soon as the therapist calls and set's up the appointments. I think as long as my PFD is acting up that I'm not going to get my IC under control for any length of time. As for the coffee, I now drink non acidic and I can tell you it made a big difference in the pain.
        IC diagnosis 3 weeks ago.
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        Elmiron 100 mg three daily
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        Amitriptyline 10mg at night
        Diovan 60/12.5 daily
        Topral 50 mg daily
        Zoloft 100 mg at night
        Klonopin .5 twice daily


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          Therapy should be helpful

          Thanks for the feedback about the coffee, the treatments for PFD are supposed to help with the IC symptoms, also the rescue installs generally require several visits before the benefits really take full affect. My problem was severe pain with the catheter itself which may be due to the low pain tolerance with the fibro, good luck and take care


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            Glad to hear that they can take awhile to work. i've noticed with the IC diet and some PT exercise the pain has been tolerable.
            It felt great to start Atarax. I really look forward to sleeping and wake up only once usually.
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            Mild IC dx by Cysto July 2011
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            Unda Drops
            Mediclear Plus Protein Shake

            Physical Therapy Graduate!
            Meditation 2x a day
            Castor oil pack
            Teas (nettle leaf, linden flower, camomile, marshmellow root)

            Have tried
            In office instills (pridium, heprin, lidocain, elmiron)
            Desert Harvest Aloe
            atarax 25 mg