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    I wanted to take a minute to inform anyone interested in the break through I have personally experienced. I was diagnosed w/ IC the day before Christmas Eve. I'll never foget that day as it has changed my life for ever. To make a very long story short I found the ICN almost immediately and the list of foods. However, in sticking to that food list I could not get myself symptom free. I still struggled with burning, urgency and frequencey. Day in and day out I read every article on line I could read - looked at every website out there. Finally about a month ago right here on the ICN website I found exactly what I had been looking for. Answers. Guidance. Help. I found Diana Brady. I have had a few counseling sessions with Diana and have bought her book IC Naturally. It is a must have for anyone with this horrible condition. In working w/ Diana I had tests done on my own through doctors in my area that would peform them. The tests showed several factors that have been causing my problems and likely caused the IC in the first place. Those were as follows: High oxalates in my urine. High levels of Aluminum and some levels of Mercury, Arsenic and Titanium in my system. I am Estrogen Dominant (at the ripe old age of THIRTY FOUR!), I have high levels of cortisols and my DHEA is off as well. I am waiting on the results of a Metabolic Profile Analysis that will also tell me if I have a candida yeast intestinal infestation (and if so to what level), exact what vitamins I am defficient in and what my neurotransmitters are doing. Diana has guided me an a regimen that has helped my symptoms tremendously. Everything she has advised me to take is all in the form of natural supplements. I feel like I am well on my way to the best possible health that I can be in given that I have this incurable condition. Her book gave me answers to questions that MDs couldn't give me. The tests she recommended gave answers to exactly what has gone wrong w/ my body and needs correcting to acheive optimal health. I feel Diana is an angel and am so grateful to the ICN network for listing counseling sessions with her. I may have been skeptical had she not had their backing. Knowing that she is available through here gave me the trust I needed to put my all into working with her and it has proven to be very beneficial. I hope to continue to improve and if my degree of damage from this condition permits I hope to get into remission. I highly recommend anyone still struggling w/ this condition along with the other systemic conditions that often times come w/ IC to at the very least get a copy of her book. It is available at Amazon for a great price. You can also get it directly from Diana's website - just google IC Naturally and you'll find her. Also if you read the chapters on her website it will give you an idea of what her book will provide. Lastly - her book gives a wonderful food list and points out foods that are high in oxalates. I personally have struggled with oxalates and foods with potassium. I would not have know to cut these out (for a period of time) and to take calcium citrate if it weren't for her. I would not have been educated enough about the complexity of the diet to know what were MY safe foods during a flare. My heart goes out to everyone with this horrible condition but please know that there is GOOD help out there. You can get your body back to functioning properly and allow your bladder to heal to the best of it's ability to get to the best health you can reach given this condition.
    Diagnosed w/ IC 12/2010. 3 small kidney stones removed in May of 2011.

    Currently taking: Elmiron (3 times a day-pour capsule into about 4 oz. of water and drink it down (with a little food on my stomach first), Valium (an eighth to a fourth of a pill as needed (rarely need this anymore), and Curelle Probiotics -one a day in the morning on an empty stomach.

    Tried: Urelle, Prelief, Oxybutynin, Urogesic Blue, antihistamines, nuerotin, flomax, vesicare, enablex, cystoprotek, prozac, quercetin w/ bromelaine, marshmellow root tea, garlic pills, fish oil, magnesium, Vitamin D-3, Boron, B-12 w/ Folic Acid drops. Homeopathic allergy shots for food and inhalents.

    **Elmiron and Culturelle Probiotic have helped me get a better quality of life. I've been on the Elmiron for 6 months so far and am feeling so much better and can eat and drink so much more!

    **I love the ICN - it has been a blessing in the midst of this evil curse!!!

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    You can reach Diane through --- her book is also available in the ICN Shop.

    I'm glad she is helping.

    Stay safe

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