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Urologist or gyno?

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  • Urologist or gyno?

    hi all,

    I was diagnosed with IC not too long ago. Right now I am going to my gynocologist because she is the one who actually diagnosed me (she did a bladder test where she put some solution into my bladder, it was horrible). she did the rescue treatments on me and she put me on the elmiron. I have had to go back and get rescue treatments because of flares. I am still having so much pain with sex that I hate even being with my husband. I recently went to see her a few days ago, and I asked her for the antidepressant (she gave me evail and hydrozine (sp). she gave it to me , but she didn't want too. I told her i wanted to try anything that would help me to feel better because the pain in my bladder/vaginal area was horrible. Now i'm wondering if I should be seeing a urologist instead. The problem is that the closest one that specialized in IC is about 3 hours away.
    anyway, I guess i'm asking if most people see a urologist or a gyno, or does it matter?

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    It seems most people end up with a uro to treat their IC/PBS. To me it depended on who could offer me the most current and up to date treatment options. If they were too limited in what they prescribed I moved on. I saw several drs. before I ended up with my current uro.


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      I agree that most ICers are treated by urologists, but some have had very good success with gynecologists --- if you're doing well, I don't see any reason for changes. There aren't a lot of urologists who actually specialize in IC (there aren't enough of us!), but most uros are able to treat IC.

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        i would like to be able to see a good doctor... at first my gyno seemed so good, but now she just seems like she's rushing thru my visits. plus she knew about that med but she didn't want to give it cause she doesn't believe in antidepressants.
        oh yeah, how long are those meds going to make me sleepy? wow i'm drowsy all day long since taking them


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          Elavil and hydroxyzine are very common meds used to treat IC, and many have had good results with them.

          I took them for years and at first had trouble with the drowsiness. People told me that it helps to take them earlier in the evening, and that often that drowsy feeling decreases over time. Taking it earlier did help, but months later I was still a zombie in the morning. It didn't seem to want to go away over time for me. (We're all so different!) I finally spoke to my doctor, we lowered my dosage, and found a place where it seemed I received the benefits without being so 'out of it'.

          I don't know it matters so much, uro or gyn. I think what matters is having a doctor who is interested in treating you, willing to educate themselves in the treatment of IC, has the ability to listen, and one that doesn't mind a challenge.

          I see a urologist, the closest one to me yet he is over three hours away. I don't think the mileage matters if they help you since, ideally, once you're better you won't be seeing them much anymore anyway!

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            My gynecologist diagnosed me as well. (Also by the PST- isn't THAT fun!) I saw a urologist once, about 8 weeks after diagnosis- took me that long to get in to see him! He pretty much told me my gyno was doing a good job, and to keep on doing what I was doing. NOT worth it to wait 8 weeks for that! My gynecologist knows a bit about IC... but what is more important is that he is willing to try whatever I want to try. So I've done all of the research, and told him what to prescribe me. It hasn't been a problem for either of us, so I'm pretty happy where I am now. If I had a case that wasn't easily controlled by meds, I'd probably feel differently.
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              My gyno orginally diagnosed family doctor missed it all together. Went to a uro for treatment. Now going to see a uro-gyno who has trained in uro but did a extra year in gyno. There are some uro-gyno who train in gyno then did an extra year in uro. Confused?

              I just want to cover all possible treatments for me so I don't miss anything possible solution!


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                JKS- Good for you. My experience with a uro/gyno ended when I asked her if I could try Atarax and she said- "What on earth for? Why would you try an antihistamine for this?"
                I thought uh oh- not really up on current treatment options are ya. We deserve any and all possible treatment options for this darn condition.