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Middle of night pain?

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  • Middle of night pain?

    I have been struggling last several weeks with sleep. I try not to drink fluids after 6 pm, go to bed around 9 pm and wake up between 1 or 2 am to go to the bathroom and then have so much pain I can't go to bed. Gyn gave me Rx Ibprofen but I have history of ulcers and even with food it is killing my stomach. Taking Elmiron, IC diet, tried RST but could not tolerate( had massive pain but also pretty sure I have fibro) I feel like the sleep problem is making me crabby and negative impact on job. Suggestions? Appreciate the support

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    Ibuprofen is a problem for many ICers --- I know I can't take it. It could be that drinking some water closer to bedtime would help with the pain after urinating.

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      Thanks Donna!

      I appreciate the support and will try drinking water closer to bedtime. I am also just trying to be more cognizant of how my fatigue effects my abilities and not be so hard on myself. Thanks again Donna, I have read your responses to others and truely feel you change lives with your positive support and insight, keep up the great work!


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        The Ibprophan is probably making it all worse, your stomach and your bladder too. You should call your gyno and explain what is happening to you and ask for a different type of pain med.

        I know what you mean about the apin at night mine is always worse as soon as I am not busy, or keeping my mind busy.

        Sleep is an issue for a lot of Icer's, that needs to be addressed too, I got so sleep deprived I could not think or work.

        Ask Dr for more help.

        My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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          Donna you took the words out of my mouth. I could not get a refill on my Vicodine and ambien for 2 weeks because my dr went on vacation. I resorted to motrin which I traded off one pain for the other, and I didn't know what was worse. You might want to ask your uro for hydroxizine. It also helps with the bladder, when I run out I do notice bladder pain. Some can get pyrium or urised, I can't find it here. When I did my insurance didn't cover it it was expensive and I couldn't get it. I do hope you feel better and can get some sleep. I have used walgreen's pm and it helps some with pain and sleep.
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            Thanks again for the additional info

            Thanks for the additional advice and support. My pcp actually was shocked the gyn would give someone with a history of ulcers ibprofen, but again I should know better than to just take something without asking questions. Pcp is giving me pen codeine, only to be used for my pm pain. Recommended tylenol rather than Alleve during day as needed. Elmiron needs more time before I know the efficacy it will have with my case of IC. I already take a low dose sleep med. Looking for another Gyn as this one keeps pushing me to do the biweekly RST, get the impression they think I am just being a wimp with the cath pain and tell me there are no other options. Good health to all and thanks


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              I agree you need a Dr. willing to work with you more, more specific to your case.

              They really need to take it on a case by case basis, not just what works for others.

              hope you get some help.

              My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.