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Do I have IC or my urologist can be wrong ?

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  • Do I have IC or my urologist can be wrong ?

    My doctor just refered me this website for all diet charts. I have seen 3 urologists out of which 2 believe that I am suffering from IC, since last 1 year. I do not have any pelvic pain or big urgency to rush to the restroom (may be with time I might be getting other symptoms, I do not have any pain during or after sex, till now there was no frequency but now at times during night I wake up 2-3 times with urge ( stream is also poor that time and in parts), I have a PFD I think and I also have IBS (though not that severe)

    Can anyone tell me if I have IC?. Are diet try-outs good enough to diagnose IC or is it worth going in for some diagnostic tests my urologist is suggesting?. How natural therapies work like Ayurveda or Accupunture as I have heared IC meds cause hair loss and my job involves customer interactions

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    I would go get more tests. No one on here can say if you have IC or not. Only a Doctor can do that.The diet is a perfect way to start but you really need to know for sure. Elmiron does not always cause hair loss. We are all so different. I'm sure others can give you better information then I can. Welcome to this site. I hope you find you do not have IC but if you do there is much help today. Do return and keep us posted. Hugs, Ziggy


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      First of all, there are many different medications that can help an IC patient --- and as far as I know, elmiron only causes hair loss in a tiny percentage of IC patients.

      We aren't qualified to make a diagnosis; you will need to work with your physician. Giving the diet a try can't hurt, but if you really want to know what's going on with you, you should consider going for testing.

      Stay safe

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        I agree with donna, but you need facts about your problem I personnally would have the test done to see indeed its IC.
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