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Artificial sweetener connection?

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  • Artificial sweetener connection?

    I'm wondering how many people with IC used (or still use?) artificial sweeteners. I was using between 2-5 packets of Splenda a day before diagnosis & now that I'm reading up on the dangers of artifical sweeteners, I'm worried I ruined my bladder by having too much of them. I also may have been consuming WAY more than I thought, now that I'm checking labels. I went to the supermarket & tried to find gum with no artifical sweeteners in it, couldn't find one pack! Even Juicy Fruit, which I thought was all sugar, has aspartame. I had to go to Whole Foods to find some natural gum. I was always a big gum chewer. Also I thought my low-sugar oatmeal just had.... well, less sugar in it. Turns out it had aspartame in it, I had no idea! Would love to hear anyone's thoughts & forgive me if this has already been a thread, I'm new here

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    I used to use artificial sweeteners before I knew the connection to diet and IC and I have tried them again from time to time to see if they really do bother me and they definately do.

    Some people can use Splenda but I can't.

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      I can't use Splenda either.


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        MY hubby is diabetic and I thought, " what a great way to cut back on my sweet tooth." I know Slenda is listed as a 'try it' item but that is the one thinbg I have cut out and my symptoms seem tobe suddenly improving. I do watch for acids and use Prelief if I do decide to indulge in a no-no food. The whole thing could becoincidence and I will be botheredagain in a few says but for now relief feels great.


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          I'm diabetic and Splenda has been a real boon for me, mostly because I can cook with it.

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            I can eat splenda all I want but I am very careful how much if any oher artifical sweetners I eat.

            I can't have sugar due to other medical issues.

            My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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              I can use Splenda, but I don't use it much. You may be able to try gums that use xylitol or sorbitol as sweeteners. Just don't use too much because they can cause digestive gas or loose stools.
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                I have been using Splenda for years now, lots of it on a daily basis, with no issues.


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                  I use Splenda in my herbal tea. Otherwise I try to stick to the real stuff.

                  Gum has so much scary looking stuff in it! But, I still chew gum and haven't had any issues.


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                    I switched to Stevia a few years ago. I was a BIG diet Coke drinker and sugarless gum chewer though and that has been hard. I use Stevia everywhere I would use sugar now. I do miss the gum though...trying to figure that one out still. If I figure it out I will let you know!


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                      I know I'm late on this one, but just for survey purposes I wanted to respond. I drank so much diet soda in the 2 years before my IC symptoms started that it was beyond crazy. When I met my bf in 2011, I didn't drink any caffeine at all. But he was a diet "pop" (I'm from Michigan) addict. Eventually, I got hooked. I was drinking At least 2 20 oz of Pepsi Max or diet Wild Cherry Pepsi a day! Not to mention the caffeine free diet pop I would drink at night, i.e. diet root beer, 7 Up Zero.
                      In December 2012 I had a reaction to a medication called Tardive Dyskenisia. Your body has uncontrollable tics. Mine were in the face an hands. Since this whole IC thing has happened, I found out that Aspartame can aggravate Tardive Dyskinesia. It's even on WebMD! UGH! Around the same time, I had my first "IC flare" (undiagnosed, but 6 weeks of urinary pain that urologists couldn't figure out and went away on its own). I have no doubt that artifical sweeteners, specifically aspartame aggravated the IC and the TD, if not caused it. These artificial sweeteners are literally tearing out bodies up. We think we're immune
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