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First vacation since diagnosis

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  • First vacation since diagnosis

    So on first trip home since diagnosis. Wore yoga pants on flight, sat in aisle seat which helped. Family doesn't seem to know what to make of new diet. Father in law said I should go find IC specialist and he says I am not my usually bubbly self which was hard to hear. Everyone wants to make suggestions for food but I struggle to find restaurant food that doesn't irritate. Constantly apologizing for my absent mindedness from sleep deprivation. Glad I have forum where others understand me. All you ICers are in my prayers, best wishes to anyone out there suffering, we cannot be defined as individuals by an illness.

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    It does sound like you hve a supportive family, which can make a huge difference.

    As you become more adjusted to the new diet, it will become easier.

    Sending warm hugs,
    Stay safe

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      Even though you are a Cubs fan I thought I would send my support too. I was diagnosed about 2 and a half weeks ago and going out on a long family trip is one of the things I am dreading myself. Sounds like you have a great plan and the family is at least trying to help. Get yourself some power naps to get you through the day and hang in there. The more I hear of folks here working on ways to adapt and manage this, the more hope I have for my own future. Take care and enjoy the trip.
      BTW, just kidding about the Cubs. Just poking at you. They are not THAT bad.


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        Family trips can be hard, I think, because our family tends to be more open about things than "polite" strangers. While no one in my family has asked, "Can't you eat anything?", my sister did once tell me and my gluten-sensitive mother that we were just going to have to bring our own food to her house since she didn't know what we can eat.

        I'm generally happy to help people navigate my diet, and I do try to provide suggestions rather than wait for them to hit the jackpot on what I can eat. In the summer, a hamburger, a steak, or some grilled chicken or fish (just seasoned with salt and maybe garlic) is something easy to request, as is a baked potato or just plain potato chips. I also usually bring my own supply of Larabars or granola bars in case the pickings are slim. They are easy to pack in your purse or in luggage.

        Most of us are a little down or depressed when we are first diagnosed because our lives have to change and we are not the same healthy people we used to be. That's normal. It's likely that once the diet changes kick in and your treatments help, you will go back to being the same bubbly person you always have been.

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          Thanks for kind words

          Appreciate the advice and support. Yes my family is supportive but definitely have gotten the "what CAN you eat then?" vibe from some, like the idea of bringing something in my purse in case there is nothing IC friendly available, thanks again everyone