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  • Dealing with flare ups...

    I know that there are some different treatment plans out there, but does anyone have any suggestions for what to do on a day-to-day basis when you get a flare up? How do you deal with the pain? Is there anything that helps you?

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    May be more alkaline diet with Prelief or Baking Soda

    I would say eat more alkaline diet and take prelief or baking soda. Also drink more water to reduce acidic content in bladder. Avoid any juices or caffine drinks too

    On the meds side take like valium etc (in case your doctor has prescribed to take, as needed) and also nerve relaxant so that your PFD doesn't get worse


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      A bland diet with nothing acidy, and for sure no caffeine or alcohol. Baking soda in water followed by a tums has helped a lot of people. Ice packs, moist heat, baths in epsom salts, pelvic floor stretches, pain meds if needed. Strict IC diet. That was my routine. I have been pain free for quite a while now.


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        Forgot to add the chamomile tea. It does wonders for calming my bladder.


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          Peridium, soak hot tub and try to relax and listen to sofy pleasant calming music.
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