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  • ICNDonna
    I have to agree that sticking with the bladder friendly list for at least several weeks is a good idea --- logically, if there are several foods/drinks that are a problem, just dropping one at a time may not help at all.

    When adding things back, one at a time does make sense.


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  • Mothergoose
    I think you have to get rid of everything that can bother your bladder and stay away from them for a few months and then add items back in one at a time.

    My expirence was I cut out foods but it never helppedmy bladder till I cut them all out, if I was still eatting even one food that bothered my bladder I still had symptoms, so then you figure that the diet doesn't work.


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  • bubbe1
    new to IC-diet question

    I actually did it the other way around. I printed the diet from this forum, and only ate the Safe Foods for a while. When I started to feel better, I began trying one food at a time from the Try It, list to see what I could tolerate.
    It's hard to say how long you need to stay away from any given food. I think that's pretty individual. I will say that for me, soda, except for very flat ginger ale when I'm queasy, is a no go.
    Let us know how you do.

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  • Jencme
    started a topic new to IC- diet question

    new to IC- diet question

    Hi there, I'm not sure if i'm in the right forum.

    I recently was told I have IC, due to a Ct and cystoscope coming back clean. I was given a RX of Elmeron, but am unable to get it. so they put me on Amitriptaline (spelling) once a day and tramadol as needed.
    I was told by my doc to go over the diet sheet and to cut out one item at a time to see how they affected me. so yesterday I cut out sodas. I miss them!!! I don't drink alot of sodas normally, maybe one a day, but I will sip on it all day.
    how long should I keep it out of my diet to see if it will affect me?

    thanks for your help.