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Bladder intimation on Monday

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  • Bladder intimation on Monday

    So today at work randomly, the IC nurse from my uro doc's office and wants me to come in on Monday for a bladder instillation. I was caught off guard, I thought she would be calling me to set up an appt where we could sit and talk. And she could explain this condition. I had to ask what it was for and why were we doing it, all the while still not convinced the pain i am having is from IC.
    I called the docs other clinic nurse to ask if she thought it was possibly adhesions built up from my recent hysterectomy. She said possibly, to call my doc that that did the surg. so I called her. They said possibly but the only way to tell is to do a exploratory laproscope. I'm not really ready to go under the knife again, she suggested I go along with the treatments to see if that helps and if not we will consider the laproscope.

    My long winded question is: for those of you with IC, do you have any pain while passing gas or having a bowel movement? (I am not constipated so it's not that kind of pain) it's like there is a certain point in my abdomen that things get, "hung up" and I have to take a deep breath, clinch my teeth and wimper through it. I didn't know if that was a normal thing or not.

    Thanks for your help. I am so thankful for this site and your support.
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    It doesn't sound like a normal thing --- is it something new after your surgery? How long ago did you have your hysterectomy?

    I do suggest you do some research about exploratory laparoscopy --- it isn't nearly as bad as having a large incision and recovery can be fairly quick. I had my gall bladder removed via a laparoscope and was back at work eleven days later.

    I hope you get some definitive answers soon.

    Warm healing thoughts,
    Stay safe

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      I'll agree with Donna that if you do have to have the laparoscopy, it is no big deal. I had an exploratory one to find out what was causing my pelvic pain and I was back at work in no pain 3 days later.

      Edited to add... I do not have pain with bowel movements.
      Symtoms started July 2010.
      Severe pelvic floor pain only.

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        Went to talk to IC nurse today, and after a long discussion we decided that I will go off the medications I am taking now. And that the source of my pain is probably trauma from my recent surgery. And possibly adhesions. I am to call her back if I get worse but otherwise I will follow up with my gyno who did my surge. I am thankful that I don't have to adjust my diet anymore, but am sad that I will still have to live with pain. I know laproscopy isn't an invasive procedure but I'm not ready to do anything like that now after just a big surg. I was cut from belly button to hairline!
        I will give it a few months and go from there.

        I am very thankful fo this website and for the support it offers! You guys are amazing and so wonderful for letting me in your world. If for some reaso this plan backfires on me, I will sure be back!


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          I am a registered nurse, new to this forum, since I was recently diagnosed with I.C. Re: your symptoms...may I make a suggestion? Since your problem when having a bowel movement is pain, before I would let anyone cut on me, I would take those complaints to a gastroenterologist. That is their territory. Explain that you have other symptoms as well, but he may want to do a colonoscopy to see what may be causing your bowel movement pain. A colonoscopy is a simple procedure, and done under anesthesia (you likely know this already), but there is no incision. A laparoscopy IS an invasive procedure, although aptly named MINIMALLY invasive, it is still surgery. And as a nurse I know that people do have complications from even minimally invasive surgery. Let a GI doc give you his opinion, and do a colonoscopy to check for pathology, then down the road a bit, if nothing has improved, you can think about a lap procedure. I can tell you that after my abdominal hysterectomy, I had tenderness and pain with bowel movements for a while, but I believe it was a side effect of some severe constipation that I had after the surgery related to taking Vicodin for pain for 2 weeks. After my bowel had time to heal, it went away. Hope this advice helps.


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            jenceme pain with bowel movements

            Welcome, to the IC. network. I was diagnosed in Nov.2010. So I a bit new here too.
            I do have pain with bowel moments at times, and evern passing gas.
            However, Try to keep your stools soft. Fiber and softeners etc. Lots of fruit and veggies that are bladder friendly.
            The rectal passage is right behind the bladder. So yeah, if your very inflammed, yes your going to feel it.
            Also, many of us have pelvic floor pain. I wish I new why the IC. irritates an extensive are in so many of us. Uretheral pain , clitoris pain. I thank
            God that I am relatively better but still haven't found a mod. to complete relief. Last night was really bad. I was up about 8 times. and Had to self-cath only once. I'm so tired.
            Best wishes,