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inflammed but no ulcers

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  • inflammed but no ulcers

    Hi, I have been reading up a lot on IC ready for when I next see my doctor (as she hasn't officially diagnosed me yet).
    I keep reading that some people have hunners ulcers and some peoples bladders look normal. But I haven't read anywhere that you can have a bladder wall that just looks very inflammed.
    I had a cystoscopy and my bladder just looks very red and inflammed, with very visible veins. Has anyone else got this?

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    Hi - Yes my very first cysto years ago showed some inflammation but no bleeding or ulcers. The one I had done a few months ago didn't show any inflammation. When I asked about it the drs. told me there are several reasons a bladder can be inflamed including current or prior bacterial infection, PBS/IC, chemical irritation, autoimmune problems, and idiopathic (no known cause-or- they just plain don't know).


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      Thanks for that, I have quite a few symptoms that all sound pretty much like IC but I'm not typical in every way so am still trying to rule a few other things out first. But I presume I have IC as I am no better after 2 years and loads of antibiotics and infection avoidance.